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kindergarten homeschooling

Kindergarten Homeschooling 2013-2014

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homeschooling Kindergarten Homeschooling 2013 2014

This year we decided to home school Sophia for kindergarten. We have many reasons why, but we also noticed how bored she was in the classroom; not enough attention for herself plus being a quick learner. After some issues with the school system and not being happy with it, we figured why not give it a go? We got approved by the board of education and here we are. I’m trying to plan out the curriculum for the year and intend to stick with it. If anyone has any tips or advice PLEASE leave a comment with them! We figured now she will be able to go at her own pace, quicker or slower, depending on what she needs and if she’s more advanced she doesn’t have to be board in a class.

Now I may have went  a bit overboard, but I wanted to be FULLY prepared! We probably won’t do everything, but I have multiple sources to pull from and see where she stands with learning.

Books we will be using:

Hands On:

Websites & Resources:

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 Kindergarten Homeschooling 2013 2014

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  1. Hey Ashley,

    I am also a homeschool Mom. I have a 4th grader, Kindergartener, and 1 year old. I have homeschooled all from the beginning. Perhaps we can connect.

    I actually have a homeschool blogging carnival and link up. I am putting out the call for submissions today for the carnival. The topic is homeschool curriculum and online gaming. Can i add your email to my list? Or, stop on by tomorrow and participate. Love to have you!

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