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REVIEW: Genesis 950

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genesis 950   professionally cleaned REVIEW: Genesis 950

SampleReceived1 REVIEW: Genesis 950

I am the type who can appreciate a clean house, but with a full time job, busy family life, etc it’s hard to keep things spotless! In fact, it’s darn near impossible to be quite honest. What’s worse is when you do your cleaning and you have to actually SCRUB things to get it clean. I mean cleaning isn’t fun to begin with, but if I have to scrub it clean then the chances are I will procrastinate as much as possible before doing it. Well I was contacted by the Amerikal Store and was given the opportunity to try out their Genesis 950 cleaning product, which I graciously accepted.

IMG 5899 REVIEW: Genesis 950

Here’s a little background on Genesis 950:

Our company, Amerikal, has been in business for over 20 years. We primarily manufacture fountain solutions and other chemistry for the printing industry. Genesis 950 was initially created for printers to clean ink spills. It is a surfactant based cleaner that works with water to make stains water soluble. In doing so, it allows the bonds of the stain to break apart, and in turn lift the stain. Over time, printers were complaining that they were running out of Genesis 950 too fast. Eventually, they discovered the employees of these printers were sneaking the 950 from work to their homes.
It turned out that 950 didn’t just remove ink, but removed paint stains, food spills and pet stains. After we experimented with stains and 950, we decided to make it available publicly. Since 2010, Genesis 950 has been available exclusively through our store website at www.genesis950.com. Just last week, a distributor in Ireland has made the product available in both the UK & Europe as well!
Our favorite means of exposure is through reviews such as those you provide on your blog. We are just a small company for the most part with no real access to mainstream marketing (as most of our customers are established printing companies). While we stand behind our product, it’s one thing for us to tell people how great it is in ads, it’s completely different to have real people, such as yourself, use the 950 in a realistic way and share your real experiences with the product.
IMG 5900 REVIEW: Genesis 950
We are also huge fans of the giveaways. If you do find our product useful, we would be more then happy not only to provide product for a Giveaway, but also help promote that giveaway through our website, blog, facebook, twitter, pinterest and other means of social media. We also do everything we can to give your review exposure by posting it on those social media sites and sharing it wherever we can. We are very proactive in that aspect and our theory is if someone is kind enough to take the time to review our product, then we will do everything we can to ensure that time and effort is spread.
As far as using the 950, there are soooooo many things you can use it for/on. For spot cleaning, we recommend mixing Genesis 950 with water in a 1:7 ratio (1 part 950, 7 parts water). However for stronger stains, it can be increased to a 50/50 split. For stains, spray the mixture and let it sit for about 2-3 minutes. Next, scrub the stain with either a damp cloth or sponge. After the stain has been lifted, rinse the area with water. Genesis 950 can also be used to clean stove tops, counters, tile, finished wood, car upholstery & dashes, concrete . . . the list really does go on and on.
If you are looking to steam clean carpets, the amount of Genesis 950 varies based on the size of your tank. You will be getting instructions that break it down if you are interested in steam cleaning. These are the same instructions that can be found on our website, and that are sent out with every order.
IMG 5903 REVIEW: Genesis 950

My Thoughts

Upon arrival of my Genesis 950 I couldn’t wait to give it a try and see what was so special about this product. I have cleaning supplies galore so it takes a bit for a cleaning supply to impress me. With Genesis 950 it comes concentrate so I mixed 4 parts water to the 1 part of the concentrate in the provided spray bottle. One place I wanted to try it out on was my window sil which was filthy since we moved into the house and I never bother to clean. I tried simple water and that didn’t do much of anything and I wasn’t really pushing to clean it. So I figured over a year of dirt that had been there for lord knows how long would be a great candidate to be tested. I sprayed some of the solution and then used a towel and literally just wiped it all away. No scrubbing or rubbing, I just wiped and the dirt was all gone. I was amazed. I mean sure, it doesn’t take much to get dirt off, but with how easily it was removed is what got me. I am definitely a fan of this product and it’s almost scary to say that I can’t wait to get to do a real serious house cleaning.
Genesis 950 I do want to warn is clean and appears to be a bottle of water. PLEASE label your bottle and keep out of reach of children. I love how it’s not all odd colored and it doesn’t even leave a smell. Of course the concentrate honestly smells like a bottle of nail polish remover, but once it’s mixed and you’re using it it doesn’t leave a smell at all and I have my pregnant nose right now where scents are amplified like 10 times!
Obviously I highly recommend Genesis 950 for all your cleaning needs. It’s a great product, long lasting and I’m still amazed at how nice my window is looking for a simple wiping/cleaning!
clean collage REVIEW: Genesis 950

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 REVIEW: Genesis 950

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  1. This cleaner seams to do wonders. It cleans almost any stains. I like that the website gives tips on how to remove stains.

  2. I like all the uses for this cleaner… spot cleaning carpet, upholstery, clothing stains, counter tops, stove tops and appliances, makeup spills, food stains, pet stains, bathroom cleanup and more.

  3. I learned from the site that the Genesis 950 Cleaner is perfect for spot cleaning carpet, upholstery, clothing stains, counter tops, stove tops and appliances, makeup spills, food stains, pet stains, and bathroom cleanup to name a few.

  4. i love how on the site they give u a bunch of tips on how to clean all types of things such as microfiber. thats the hardest one for me to clean at the house so i am anxious to try and see if it works

  5. I’ve learned it can be used on multiple surfaces…not just carpet. This stuff would be great for the ceramic tile floors in teh house.

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