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REVIEW & GIVEAWAY: Bullet Designs Nickel Bullet Spoon Ring

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  1. That is neat that they recycle bullets into jewelry. They have cute pieces. I like the Colorful Bronze Owl Brass Bullet Necklace.

  2. I learned that the make jewelry out of recycled bullets for men and women, and i am def going to buy some because it looks amazing

  3. oh my gosh!! i learned they have a lot of bullet jewelery that me and my daughter would love!! so glad i found this site!!

  4. i have 3 kids ages 14,12,and 8 and ever since they was old enough we have taught them about guns.how to safely use a gun,to use the gum to hunt.all 3 of my kids hunt and fish,but they dont kill for the joy of it they have been taught you eat what you kill.and they been taught to defend their home with a gun.that is our right to carry and bare arms.i do think guns should be controlled and not use for murders!! but i do believe in people do and act from what they are taught,if a kid sits in front of a video game that is nothing but shooting and killing,then that embeds in their brain and that is what they start to believe.but if you set limits on how long your kid is allowed to watch t.v or play video games,or just limits on anything and teach them that they are rules in life you follow by,by law,by God or which ever it be.but you have to teach your children,any more other peoples children on how life works and how you live life and how to use your life for good and not bad.and if you see some one going down the wrong path in life you dont turn your back on them,you help them,stand by them,teach them,help or get then the help they need.

  5. I visited the site and learned they sell all sorts of jewelry, cuff links, body jewelry etc. My 22 yr old daughter like the Nickel Bullet Eyebrow Barbell. I hope we win !

  6. I checked out bulletdesigns.com and learned they have a great set of core values for their company- including caring about the environment and creating a great place to work- that’s awesome!

  7. My boyfriend and I are both avid hunters, have our concealed carried licenses, and are NRA members so it’s pretty obvious that we own a number of firearms and strongly support our right to have them. We teach our sons proper firearm safety and handling and enjoy the outdoors hunting and fishing as a family. I support proper background checks etc to keep guns out of the hands of criminals as much as possible, but well people talk of taking away the right of law abiding citizens (like my family) I get upset.

  8. I learned that their core values are:

    Put God first in all that we do.

    Provide high quality products.

    Serve our customers humbly.

    Care about the environment.

    Provide a great place to work.

    Build open and honest relationships.

    Be adventurous and open minded.

    Be innovative, flexible and forward thinking.

  9. how do I feel about guns and gun control. I am for people having guns, although I do not have any guns myself, my son has his conseal and carry and owns many guns. He is a responsible gun owner.

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