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REVIEW & GIVEAWAY: Juppy Baby Walker (US & CANADA)

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 REVIEW & GIVEAWAY: Juppy Baby Walker (US & CANADA)

SampleReceived1 REVIEW & GIVEAWAY: Juppy Baby Walker (US & CANADA)


You all already know we’re expecting. Today makes 21 weeks (5 months, 1 week) and of course it’s a boy for those who missed the post, little Jace. We’re beyond thrilled! At first Sophia was disappointed until she saw my younger cousins new baby boy and she’s okay with it being a brother instead of a sister now. Anyhow, with lots of preparation taking place, we’re enjoying the baby shopping as we go. One item we receive for when Jace is a bit older is the Juppy Baby Walker. Not to mention one of you lucky people get to win one as well which is open to both the US & CANADA!

IMG 6504 REVIEW & GIVEAWAY: Juppy Baby Walker (US & CANADA)

About Jubby

The Juppy “Momentum” is a solution to a previously recognized but unsolved challenge for parents of babies beginning to walk. Babies strong enough to  begin walking but not strong enough to walk alone. The Juppy builds confidence in your baby and teaches balance while you maintain your  natural posture, eliminating the grueling task of hunching over while teaching your baby to walk.

The Juppy has easily adjustable straps that accommodate your height whether you are 4’11″ or 6’11″. The Juppy comes standard with soft hand grips that are strategically placed to provide optimum benefit for your hands; a color matched state of the art zipper is located at the rear of The Juppy for the purpose of safety, easy access and exit. You will find two Velcro straps that overlap the back zipper which again shows our commitment to providing you the safest and most practical baby walker on the market.

IMG 6589 REVIEW & GIVEAWAY: Juppy Baby Walker (US & CANADA)

My Thoughts

With Sophia I didn’t have any of these cool gadgets. She just had to basically figure it out on her own and the old fashioned hold mommy’s finger and that was a wrap. So when Juppy allowed me to check out this walker I was super thrilled! Since it’s still a bit early for Jace to try out and Sophia is 5 and obviously too big for this, baby Cabbage Patch was volunteered to try this out for us for the purpose of this review. Of course she’s not quite the same as a real baby, but since Sophia is practicing being a big sister with her, why not?

Now of course it was a bit easier to toss the baby in the Juppy Baby Walker than it would be a regular baby, but with a real baby you would place the baby on your lap and slip them into the walker, sort of like putting on some pants. The walker does have a zipper and Velcro straps which do need to be undone to put the baby in, so once the baby is in of course you would zip this back up and put the straps back in place. After that, you can start allowing your baby to walk!

What I like about this particular walker is you’re still helping your child learn to walk, but without the back aches of being hunched over. Also, the handles on the Juppy are very strong, but they also have soft grips for the parent to hold on to while walking the child. Sure, you will still feel your childs weight, but the ropes won’t dig into your skin and cut off your circulation. If they still do even with this soft padding then you probably shouldn’t be putting your child in this product.

The Juppy walker comes in a one size fits all, easy to clean (machine or hand washable – your choice!) and is the only baby walker that can fit inside of a purse! Yes, they include a nice little pouch you can fold your walker back up after each use to either put away without taking up a lot of space or put it in your purse for on the go. This is awesome especially for people who have a small house like us. We don’t have much storage room so something that can easily go in a drawer, in a bag, under the bed, etc when we’re done is always a winner!

IMG 6591 REVIEW & GIVEAWAY: Juppy Baby Walker (US & CANADA)

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 REVIEW & GIVEAWAY: Juppy Baby Walker (US & CANADA)

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  1. my biggest challenge being a parent is finding enough time to spend with my son and my husband between work and school.

  2. I learned it is good for your lower back beause it eliminates you ever having to bend while teaching your baby to walk.

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