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REVIEW: Lift Wand

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Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial. pixel REVIEW: Lift Wand51rBjJN37lL REVIEW: Lift Wand

SampleReceived1 REVIEW: Lift Wand

Being 38 weeks pregnant I have experienced acne that comes and goes throughout the pregnancy. One minute the face is clear, the next I have a pimple family sprouting out like crazy. It’s quite annoying and quite frustrating. Luckily at this stage I do not have them and my face as been clear. The only thing we need now is for Jace to begin making his way out the womb and into this world so we can get rid of those back aches. I would gladly exchange my pack pain and heartburn for the pizza pimple face look! Well there’s a beauty product out called the Lift Wand (see here) to help you clear your facial appearance and improve your PH levels.

The Lift Wand is a electrotherapy beauty instrument, emitting high frequency currents through the glass electrodes it helps treat many facial ailments and restore the skin. This new model of the Lift Wand is more powerful and efficient, updated to utilize 20 watts to generate a safe and potent electrotherapy treatment to help you lift more wrinkles and dead skin then before. While many other electrotherapy devices use cheap internals and operating at half the power, we want to give you a premium device similar to the ones used by beauticians that costs much less. Our Argan oil is 100% natural, imported straight from Morocco. Where many Argan oils contain contain diluted substance and very little from an actual Argan tree. Our is extracted from the unroasted seeds of the fruits of the argan tree cold pressed to achieve enhanced resuluts. It is applied to soften and protect the skin and to nourish your hair. Argan oil is also used in traditional medecine, especially for treating or preventing skin diseases. It is an ideal lotion for face and body, protects, smooths and nourishes mature, dry and sensitive skin. It is 100% naturally pure, golden yellow, tasteless and inodorous.

  • Improves circulation while balancing the PH value of the skin to prevent bacteria from growing.
    Includes Lift Wand, 4 Electrodes and Effervescent Moroccan Argan oil 100% Natural
    Electrotherapy treats anti-aging, anti-wrinkle and skin tightening while improving the overall complexion lost by aged and dry skin.
    Minimizes scars and blemishes through repeated use.
    The high frequency and emits electricity through the electrodes to “reanimate” the follicles of your skin and fades scars and acne.

LiftWand REVIEW: Lift Wand

When I originally signed up for this I was getting facial blemishes and pimples, but like I said, they come and go quickly and randomly with this pregnancy it seems. So of course when I got the product in everything was once again cleared up – go figure right? So I waited a few days to see if anything decided to popup. The only thing I’m getting is more and more uncomfortable and “ready to pop” this baby out, but no facial blemishes. Unless you count the added weight noticeable on my face then of course that’s the only blemish we have going on right now. Unfortunately though the lift wand won’t lift away the face fat. Although that would have been a super awesome tool! So I have no “before and after” photos because well there’s nothing visible to improve at this time.

I went ahead and gave the tool a whirl though just to get a feel for it, how it works, etc. I have normal skin generally. It’s never oily and very rarely gets dry. Using the Life Wand is rather simple. It comes with an easy to follow instruction book so working your wand is a breeze and doesn’t take a rocket scientist to use. When actually using the Lift Wand on my skin I found it did not hurt at all; just like a stimulating type of feeling like maybe you’re helping the blood flow through it I guess is the best way to describe it. Nothing painful at all though by any means. I did choose to use the oil that was included with my Lift Wand, once again just to see how it feels and works, and the oil actually made my skin feel fresh after and smooth. I used just a small dab in my hand to apply it to my face and while it felt very oily at first, my face felt 10x smoother from using the oil along with the Lift Wand. Once again, not a visible difference that you could see on me, but if there was a “feel factor” you’d be able to feel the difference of before and after using the wand and oil compared to not using it.

Overall I’m quite impressed with the Lift Wand and definitely recommend it. It’s a high quality tool and the various attachments that are included are unique to others I have tried in the past. The Lift Wand is small so it’s easy to transport if need be and it’s also light weight. I believe if it can make my skin feel good when I have no current blemishes, then it will definitely work some wonders when I do get a breakout. Then again, I plan to use this thing on a regular basis, at least once or twice a week, to help prevent getting blemishes in the first place! After all, once this pregnancy comes to a close it’s time for this mama to get back in shape and looking good. I can’t get to looking nice and have a face full of defects now can I? I’m definitely going to continue the use though so keep an eye out for a future update on how it’s all working out for me! Start Shopping!

By the way, did I mention the Lift Wand is currently on sale on Amazon?! It’s usually $129.99, but you can currently get it for $69.99! Hurry, these are selling fast!!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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 REVIEW: Lift Wand

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