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?Giveaway? SOAKEES - the first "Slip on and Tie" Portable Foot Bath! #Review On this eve of Mother`s Day I see that you have had some interest in the benefits of foot soaking - due to this - and the advent of Mother`s Day - I wanted to introduce you to  a new product that would certainly be a unique and often used gift for anyone - Soakees Slip on and Tie Foot Bath for Health, Wellness and Beauty Nearly 75% of American adults suffer from foot pain at some point in their lives.  It makes perfect sense when you consider feet are the hardest working part of the body with 26 bones - 33 joints and more than 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments - it is almost surprising that more people don`t suffer foot pain.  There are a variety of ways to relieve foot pain but the simplest, most cost effective and time honored is the warm indulgent foot bath. Foot baths have proven for centuries to help people with  foot pain, foot diseases, dry cracked feet, pregnancy foot discomfort, athletes foot, foot odor as well as beautification, detoxing and overall wellness.  If it is so critical to health and wellness - why don`t more people do it?   CONVENIENCE -  and we have come up with the solution    Allow me to introduce you to Soakees - the first "Slip on and Tie" foot bath that can be used by anyone - anywhere - anytime and anyplace - without ever needing to use a bucket or pan of water on the floor ever again! The premise of Soakees is easy - it takes time and effort to fill and lug a heavy, messy pan of water and many excellent soaking solutions such as Epsom salts will clog the jets of soaking machines.   Moreover the sheer weight of the water makes it nearly impossible for many people to do a  "at home" foot bath  - especially seniors and their caregivers - an audience who needs it most!   With Soakees all you need is 3 - 4 cups of water per foot - they accommodate any type of soaking solution - are easy to sanitize - fit any size foot and can be used over and over.  Just slip on a Soakees per foot - add the small amount of water they need and get relief anywhere - on a back porch - at work -  in a hotel room after a long flight - on a plane - at a assisted living home - in the den - absolutely anywhere YOU want to get relief, beautify your feet or treat a foot issue. Soakees is also perfect for icing a sprained ankle or hairline fracture! Weekend warriors and sporting events tend to lead to a unexpected twist or fracture - putting a bag of frozen peas in the Soakees will keep that area cooler longer. Perfect for the sidelines of any game. Let`s not forget our brave men and women overseas who are on their feet in the sandy conditions every single day - they would love to know about Soakees. It seems every woman`s magazine in American has monthly foot soaking recipes- summertime and pedicure season is upon us and luminaries such as Dr Oz speak of the benefits of foot soaking on a regular basis so we have made this great and simple process easier for people to actually do. What a great Mother`s Day gift - pain relief - beautification of her feet and stress relief all in one package. MyReview Now I will say, I was skeptical about this at first. I mean, I am a mom and I love to relax, but a foot bath? Something I can soak my feet in without a mess? Yea, right! Well, these really do work and they are very simple to use. The basic look and feel of this reminds me of a sleep gel mask I have. It`s the kind you put in the freezer and can wear. Well, it`s like that, but it`s for your feet and not meant to put in the freezer. I tried my SOAKEES with some nice hot water mixed with lavender scented Epson salt. Can I say O-M-G! Relaxing! Nothing like sitting back with some chocolate in hand, a good movie on the Lifetime Movie Network and soaking my feet! I have had those foot soak tubs - they take up a lot of space when you`re limited on space as it is and it`s a pain in the butt to lug around. By the time you set it up and get enough warm water in it, you`re a bit annoyed, especially when the water does not stay warm for long as all. With the Soakees, this was not an issue. The hot water stayed hot for around 20 minutes, give or take, and when I was done I was able to easily empty each boot out without any mess. When all was completed, I folded them back up and put them in the cabinet in my bathroom until I was ready to use them again. The set up process is just so much easier and convenient than that of a tub. Plus I can sit more relaxed and comfortable. Needless to say, I like these things and think any mom could appreciate such a relaxing gift! Plus, you can enter to win a pair for yourself! buy now  
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