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I`m all about trying new foods. I usually tend to like weird things. Tropical Traditions offered me some Atchara, which is Organic fermented papay. They also offered one up for one of my readers as well! Now y`all know I`ve worked with Tropical Traditions quite a bit in the past and they have wonderful products! On top of their wonderful products they have GREAT customer service. With that being said, this is not one of my favorite products. I personally did not care for this product. Now I don`t want to put them down because like I said, I love all the previous products I`ve tried. This one is just so different that it wasn`t for me. Now, that`s not to say you wouldn`t like it. It`s just an unfamiliar smell/taste and didn`t work so well with me. I knew this would be a hit or miss since I never heard of it before, but I`m always up for something new! I don`t want my thoughts of the taste to have any affect on the company at all. Just MY opinion of the flavor of this product.
Atchara is a traditional Philippine fermented dish made with unripe raw green papaya, fresh raw ginger root, and other raw ingredients in a vinegar base. As kimchi is to the Koreans, chutney to the Indians, and sauerkraut is to the Germans, so atchara is a traditional fermented dish valued in Philippine culture.
How is Tropical Traditions Atchara Unique?
While most of the atchara available in the Philippines is made with distilled vinegar, Tropical Traditions decided to develop its own raw vinegar which is fermented from coconut water - the water inside coconuts. We used the water from the same certified coconuts used to make our Virgin Coconut Oil. After several years of research, we successfully fermented our organic coconut water into a healthy vinegar rich in all the minerals available in coconut water, and stable enough to keep it raw with the mother of vinegar present. This is truly a raw and "live" food that has NOT been pasteurized. The organic ingredients are listed below. All of these ingredients are supplied by small-scale family farmers, so you are supporting families in the Philippines when you purchase Tropical Traditions Atchara.
The High Quality Ingredients Used in Tropical Traditions Atchara
Green PapayaWild Native Papaya Tree in the Philippines We start with certified organic unripe green papaya grown by small-scale family farmers in the Philippines. We carefully select the wild variety of "native papaya." Japanese researchers have found that the native Philippine papaya can contain up to four times the amount of papain (a plant-based digestive enzyme) than imported varieties of papaya in the Philippines. The papaya fruit is harvested before it reaches maturity, when enzyme activity is at its highest level, and the fruit is a strong fibrous green. Filipinos often eat unripe green papaya as a vegetable, since sugar content is low in its unripe state. The digestive enzyme papain which is found in papaya has long been used as a plant-based digestive aid in enzyme supplements. Green papaya is also very high in antioxidants. Eating Tropical Traditions Atchara is the best way to eat raw green papaya short of traveling to the tropics and eating it right off the tree. The raw coconut water vinegar preserves the organic raw papaya, as well as the other raw ingredients.
Organic Raw Coconut Water Vinegar Coconut WaterThe water inside the coconut shell is packed with nutrients that nourishes the nut as it prepares to germinate and start growing into a new coconut tree, which is exactly what would happen if you let a coconut fall from the tree to the ground and leave it there, given the proper moisture and soil conditions. Coconut water is high in many vitamins and minerals, especially potassium. Because it contains electrolytes, it is considered one of the best natural rehydrating drinks in the tropics. Pasteurized coconut water retains most of the minerals, and is frequently sold as a sports drink. Since fresh coconut water deteriorates so quickly once it is exposed to air, it is best obtained and consumed in the tropics where it can be purchased fresh, with all the nutrients and enzymes in tact. Packaged coconut waters must be pasteurized, destroying some of the nutrients. It has been reported that during World War II coconut water was used in emergencies as IV fluids, since the nutrient-packed water is completely sterile inside the coconut until the hard shell is cracked and it is exposed to air.
In the Philippines and other tropical places, raw coconut water is often left in the open air to ferment, where it eventually turns into a vinegar. The fermentation process enhances the nutrients, unlike heat pasteurization. The acidic environment prevents the growth of undesirable bacteria naturally. Tropical Traditions worked with professors at the University of the Philippines for several years to develop an incubation system that could produce clean coconut water vinegar from our certified organic coconuts (used to make our Virgin Coconut Oil) and retain the mother of vinegar (a colony of bacteria cultures) as a truly raw product. We use the mother of vinegar to inoculate future batches of organic coconut water vinegar.
Organic Whole Muscabado Sugar We use only certified organic Muscabado whole cane sugar, grown by a cooperative of small scale family farmers in the Philippines. The sugar is also Fair Trade certified. Muscabado sugar is a whole sugar that is extracted from the sugar cane using traditional methods. It contains all the natural nutrients found in raw sugar cane or molasses. Sugar is needed in the fermentation process, and most other atcharas are made with refined white sugar, and the atchara is green in color due to the color of the papaya. Our Muscabado whole cane sugar is a deep brown in color, which gives a brown coloring to Tropical Traditions Atchara. The sugar is needed in the fermentation process, and much of it is used up during fermentation. Atchara is not sweet at all.
Organic Raw Ginger RootMt. Banahaw in the Philippines Ginger is another ingredient in atchara that is known for aiding digestion. It grows well in tropical climates, and is a popular seasoning herb in many Philippine dishes, mostly cooked. As an ingredient in atchara, it is added raw and is enhanced through fermentation in the raw vinegar. Our source of ginger comes from the remote areas of Mt. Banahaw in the Philippines, far away from large cities and pollution. It is the same area where most of our Virgin Coconut Oil is produced, and the ginger is grown by small-scale family farms.
Native Tagalog Garlic The native Philippine Tagalog garlic is much smaller than imported garlic, and prized as a much more potent and stronger garlic than larger imported varieties. We use only Tagalog garlic in Tropical Traditions Atchara, and our small-scale family farmers raising this garlic are in the process of becoming certified organic. Garlic has traditionally been known as an immune supporting herb with remarkable nutritional qualities. The Tagalog garlic is known in Asia as one of the most potent native varieties.
Sea Salt Our sea salt is Philippine sea salt dried from the sea in rural island coastal areas.
Tropical Traditions Atchara is best used as a condiment during meal times. The coconut water vinegar should NOT be discarded after all the papaya has been consumed. It can be used as any other vinegar, such as part of a salad dressing. Note: The coconut water vinegar in this Atchara is VERY strong! Dilute with purified water to reach the lower acidity level of standard vinegars, if desired.
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16oz Jar of Atchara
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