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How to Become an Avon Rep in 2021 closetsamples
Looking to make some extra cash? Avon may be able to help you with that!  
When my friends, family, and customers shop my Avon online store, I earn a commission. Just think...The more you sell the higher your earnings rate is. This is a win-win situation for everyone.
Avon is a direct to consumer company that offers up everything from beauty products to household and personal care items.  In this article, we show how to sell Avon in 2021.
What helps Avon continue to stand out since the company’s creation in the late 1880’s is the ability for Avon reps to sell products to their friends, neighbors, and family. If you have ever wondered about the why and how to sell Avon, read on. In this guide, we will look at how to become an Avon Rep in 2021.

What is Avon?

Most of us have heard of Avon. Fresh smelling lotions and potions our mothers either bought or sold. But what you might not know is that Avon is a multi-million-dollar business with a product line to match any beauty conglomerate nationwide. 
The Avon Founder is David McConnell. David H. McConnell offered women something very rare in 19th century America and that was a chance for financial independence. In the year 1886, it was almost unheard of for a woman to run her very own business. McConnell offered women a rare opportunity to work outside the home.  In 1886, approximately 5 million women worked outside the home and mostly in not so glamorous jobs. McConnell offered women an opportunity to not only work outside the home but also to work in a glamorous industry of makeup and perfume. He based his company on having a family feel to it which of course is important to families and important to women. McConnell based the things that he did on an attitude of a positive spirit and Avon was no exception. 
He based Avon on the following principles and these principles hold true today.
  • To provide an earnings opportunity so that individuals can achieve financial independence and enjoy all that comes with such an accomplishment.
  • Recognizing every person’s unique contributions
  • Giving back to the communities that Avon serves
  • To offer the highest-quality Avon products with a guarantee of satisfaction
  • Always maintaining and cherishing the friendly spirit of Avon
Nowadays, of course, it is more common for a woman to run her own business.  But, it is still amazing that McConnell gave women that opportunity back in 1886 and gave women an opportunity that just grew in time. Even today, Avon is a thriving business and many women make money selling Avon and they are still able to have the freedom to focus on their families.  This definitely represents the principles that Avon was founded upon. 

How Good Are Avon Products?

I personally use Avon products myself and I have for many years.  I was originally introduced to Avon as a young child by my grandmother! The products are amazing.  I especially love their moisturizers and skin so soft line. Avon products would be easy products to sell because they are extremely high quality.  I would recommend trying them out for yourself and then you will see.

Benefits to Selling Avon

Selling Avon is much more than earning a few dollars on the side. If you are successful in your sales you can benefit from a wide range of perks, including:
  • Earn trips to great vacation destinations
  • Design, create and print business tools for free
  • Enjoy education benefits & tuition discounts to keep your career moving
  • Access highly rated health, dental, and vision insurance plans
  • Receive discounts on voice, data, and WiFi service for all your digital devices
  • Avon offers scholarships to deserving representatives and their families each year
  • Avon Reps can access academic support at Capella University

Why Should I Sell Avon?

Selling Avon offers reps the opportunity to work for themselves and earn money on their own terms. Across the Avon website, you will see one word used frequently to describe why women would want to work for them – empowerment. Avon offers two ways to make money as an independent representative:

Direct Product Sales

This method allows reps to sell to friends, family, neighbors, and anyone else in their network and make a percentage profit of their sales.

The Sales Leadership Process

This method means that an Avon Representative is both selling products directly, as well as recruiting others. Regardless of which path you ultimately choose to pursue, the entry point for selling Avon is intentionally low. Meaning, it isn’t going to cost an arm and a leg to get started.
Ultimately, selling Avon is a way for motivated women to earn as little or as much income as they want, depending upon how much time you put into your business.

How to Start Selling Avon

Getting started selling Avon is easier than you might think. You can just head to their Representative page and get started online in less than 5 minutes1 Just a few questions to fill out and you are on your way to earning with your new career. I'm excited to get you started to become an official Avon Independent Sales Representative.
The application asks for your general contact information and a little about yourself and your sales goals. Once you fill this out you wait for someone to get in contact with you. You will eventually put you in contact with a local rep, so you have someone to help guide you through the process of getting started.
Next, you may be asked to pay your startup fee. For a small fee, you will be sent everything you need to get started selling right away. If you opt-out of getting a starter kit, you may be able to join for free as Avon has been offering free signups. However, this may change at any point.
The final recommended step before you can get selling is to complete optional, but very helpful, online training on the Avon website. The company offers training on the product lines, how to sell Avon, and how to provide the best customer service to keep customers coming back.

How Much Do You Make Selling Avon?

Avon is very transparent about how much money they make and how much Avon reps make on average. They publish a report each year chronicling the previous year’s sales and earnings. According to recent data, the current earning structure outline for each campaign:
  • All new reps earn a 40 percent commission on sales
  • Beauty sales between $0 – $149.99 – 20 percent commission
  • Beauty sales between $150 – $299.99 – 30 percent commission
  • Beauty sales between $300 – $499.99 – 35 percent commission
  • Beauty sales $500 or more – 40 percent commission
  • All fashion and home sales earn a 20 percent commission
Reps who sell over $10,000 in products are invited to become part of the President’s Recognition Program. The earning structure in this program is a little different:
  • Campaign Sales between $0 – $924.99 earn a 40 percent commission
  • Campaign Sales between $925 – $1574.99 earn a 45 percent commission
  • Campaign Sales over $1575 earn a 50 percent commission
Avon also states that reps who choose to pursue the Sales Leadership path and recruit a sales team can earn upwards of $100k. The more you recruit, train, and lead your team, the more you can make.

How Much Does It Cost to Become an Avon Rep?

Depending on when you check, you may be able to join Avon for FREE without a starter kit. This is a limited-time promotion that seems to come and go so keep checking back!
The starter kit to become an Avon sales rep is around $25. It includes sales information, your first order forms, brochures, and access to your personalized Avon website. If you want to start with a little more in your selling arsenal, there are also $50 and $100 starter kits that include more forms, samples, bags, and other Avon selling tools.
After the starter kit, Avon representatives will pay for catalogs, samples (which are optional), and the Avon One Simple Fee for each campaign. This $5.95 and up fee covers ordering throughout your website and shipping and handling for each campaign you run.
That’s it. Being an Avon rep comes with very little cost to sellers.

How to Sell Avon Online

The way Avon reps sell beauty, home, and fashion products have changed dramatically over the years. In-person parties and door to door sales have been taken over by predominantly online sales.
Each Avon rep is given a website where they can sell Avon products direct to friends, family, neighbors, and even strangers. People visit your customized website, order products and you earn money. It’s that simple.
By sharing on your social media accounts and via e-mail, you can start to create a sales base. Avon has evolved to keep up with technology and make sure that selling Avon is easy enough just about anyone can do it.

How to Build a Customer Base

In addition to sharing on your Facebook page and Twitter account, there are some steps you can take from the beginning of your Avon sales career that will help build your customer base.
The first step is to make sure you customize your website so that it represents you. Choose a URL that will be easy for people to remember. Then set your website up so that potential customers can get product information quickly and purchase products easily.
Next, make sure you have plenty of brochures, business cards, and samples. Yes, this will cost you money, but handing out these marketing tools will be very helpful in building your business.
Another important step is to get the word out that you are in the Avon game. In addition to sharing your website online, ask to leave cards and brochures at local businesses and other frequently visited establishments.
Finally, consider hosting a few parties. They may seem old fashioned but can help create a new customer list.

How Do Avon Reps Get Paid?

Avon reps are paid according to the structure outlined above for every two-week campaign they run. At the end of a campaign, Avon bills you for the cost of products, the One Simple Fee, and the fees for any selling tools you purchased. The difference between those costs and customer payments is your personal profit. Once your credit balance reaches more than $5, Avon will make a direct deposit into a bank account of your choosing, twice monthly. Avon generally tallies this amount on the 1st and the 15th of each month and you can expect to be paid 2-3 business days later.

How to Sell Avon Successfully

There are a couple of things that Avon sales representatives can do to ensure that their business is a success.

#1: Create Excellent Customer Relationships

In order to run a successful Avon business, your first priority is to your customers. The way to keep and build your customer base, you have to provide the best possible customer service. When customers view you as their go-to beauty and fashion consultant, the more you will drive your sales.

#2: Talk Up Your Business

Running a direct sales business means you sell both products and you as a salesperson. You are the face of your business, so the more people you talk to, the more potential to grow. School events, birthday parties, meetings, and any other social gathering are all opportunities to spread the word about your business.

#3: Recruit Your Own Sales Team

Avon reps that earn the most are those who build a strong sales team. Reach out to friends and family and find out who might be interested in working with you. You might find that selling Avon is infectious. Build your team and grow your business.

#4: Be Your Own Customer

What better way to promote the products you sell than to use them. Looking beautiful is a perfect way to sell products and invite conversation.


Making money selling Avon is definitely a viable opportunity.  If you need to make extra money and you are a stay at home Mom, I can see this as being a perfect job for you.  If you pour your heart and dedication into it, just like anything else, I can see even making a full-time income selling Avon.  
That wraps up the complete guide on How to Become an Avon Rep in 2021. Chances are, it’s easier than you thought. With some helpful tips and tricks on how to sell Avon, you can be on your way to making a living band as they say at Avon – go from gloss to boss. 
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How to Become an Avon Rep in 2021 closetsamples Pinterest
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