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I have been blogging since 2008 and what started off as a hobby I am now doing as a full-time job. I didn`t originally plan my blog with the intentions of making money and I honestly made all sorts of sloppy mistakes. Now, I make enough to stay home with my children and am making roughly a minimum of $1,500 per month. It`s not as much as bigger bloggers, but I only really started getting real serious about my blog over the past several years. In fact, I was still using blogger and it wasn`t until after I was married that a friend of mine said "Hey! Why don`t you get web hosting?" and I started taking baby steps from there.
In 2013, when I got pregnant with my son, is when I ended up leaving my retail job at Walgreens because my body was having a difficult pregnancy. At that point, I had established my site, but it was something that happened over the years and not something I seriously pushed to do. I mean, I worked full time at a job I hated and at a few points I was also in college. So I made posts, shared some stuff pretty regularly, but wasn`t seriously focused on my blog - you know what I mean? Well, over that time of being home I focused on connecting with brands, trying to improve my content, etc. Over the past year or two, though, I really noticed I was able to make an income and now I`m going to share how. Obviously, you need to have a blog. Don`t have one? Read my post on How to Start a Successful Blog to help you get started. Once you have a blog you`re ready to start incorporating ways to make some extra cash.

Here`s how to I make money blogging:

Affiliate Links
What is an affiliate link? Basically, it`s a special link that allows me (or you if you have an account) to make money whenever somebody purchases or clicks the link - depending on how the terms are set up on your account.  Generally, there is a minimum payout for these and the percentage of sale vary between the different affiliate programs. I use affiliate links wherever I can in my content, but I try not to overload it. Since my niche is freebies, deals, and saving money; I would have probably more links than other bloggers in other niches since my blog revolves mostly around sharing multiple freebies and deals in separate posts - if that makes sense. My favorite affiliate link sources are Amazon, Share A Sale, and ShopHer Media. I used a few others, but those should be plenty to help you get started. I also use ad companies, such as, to place ads within my blog posts where I get paid if you click on any of those ads. [caption id="attachment_250129" align="aligncenter" width="769"]Makng-money-with-ads See that ad on the left? Click any of those links and I get paid! See the banners on the right? I made money if you purchase through any of those links! 
Sell AD Spots
Another thing I do is offer ADs. I have a spot in my footer as well as my homepage where anyone can pay me to place their links on my site. So you can use banners and offer AD placements and get paid for it without any real effort. So when someone goes to read a blog post, they may see an AD that interests them, click it, make a purchase and then I get paid!
Sponsored Posts
Another great way to make some extra money is by offering users to post to your site - for a fee of course! I offer sponsored posts and you can see some of my sponsored posts here. Unlike dealing with affiliate links, you aren`t waiting for someone to click or buy stuff to make a commission. YOU set your price (be reasonable based on your readership and what your blog is worth) and you get paid right away. For me, I require payment before posting because too many do not follow through with payments. If they are serious, they will pay up front. On your send, be fair and get the posts up as soon as possible or within the agreed upon timeframe.
One site I use is IZEA to get sponsored posts. You can join for free, but they also have upgrade options available if you`re interested in trying out their paid memberships. For just getting started, I recommend using the free account to see if you like it and feel it is worth the upgrade first.
Product Reviews
Okay, so this isn`t exactly money - well it can be... Let me explain. For me, depending on the product will depend if I charge a fee to share a review on my blog. If it`s a high-end item, obviously I would not require a fee. However, a cheap little item that I have easy access or have 10 billion of, I would ask for a fee for my time and space on my site. Remember, all those photos that are uploaded take up space on my server. SO the more photos I have and content along with everything else, the bigger amount of space I will need on the server. And for those who have your own site and hosting know, the more space means the more money. Get what I`m saying? So for me, it depends. I still honestly review the items, regardless. If I feel very badly about a product and just don`t feel it would be anything other than a negative review, then I contact the company first to be fair to them to see how they would like to continue. Of course, this is just how I personally do things.  
There are a ton of ways to make money from your blog. You can write an ebook and sell it, offer services, sell merchandise, etc. However, these are what I do and what work for me. Do you have your own suggestions to make money blogging? Let`s hear it in a comment below!
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