Yoga Arch Workout Wheel | Dharma Elliptical Pose Support and Flexibility Accessory - Ultra Portable - This is CHEEEEAAPPP for this! SHIPS FREE!

Whether you’re just getting into yoga for the first time or you want to start improving your yoga pose capabilities, having the right balance of strength, flexibility, and even confidence is important. That’s why we developed the Yoga Arch, a versatile elliptical wheel that helps support everything that you do, be it backbends and handstands, fish and half-pyramid poses, or the lizard lunge! Designed for full-body use, this yoga wheels can help improve balance, flexibility, and alignment, while relieving stress and tension in your back, abs, and core. A great way to open up those muscles and get a deeper, more meaningful stretch, find confidence in new poses or movements, or just get a little extra support as you’re growing and learning, it’s the perfect accessory for all skill levels.
Product Features
  • Enhance Yoga Skills and Poses – This yoga wheel was designed to help beginners and pro yogis further expand their flexibility, balance, and pose potential by stretching out and supporting your body.
  • Build Strength and Stamina – Our yoga arch support can also help strengthen lean muscle in your abs, arms, lower back, and core, while also expanding your mobility, increasing agility, and relieving daily stress.
  • Well-Balanced, Non-Slip Surface – Crafted with heavy-duty ABS and TPE, these yoga exercise rollers can support your body weight during yoga workouts with two different slip-resistant, sweat proof surfaces.
  • Be Your Best Self – Like your yoga mat or yoga blocks, these dharma yoga wheels are a tool to help you get the most from your workouts and fitness. From stretching to poses to strengthening your body, it will help you every step of the way.
  • Includes Workout Videos – We want to maximize your daily fitness, strength, and cardio, which is why each yoga arch support also comes with easy-to-follow workout videos to keep you
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