Let's be honest for a second...rats are rather disgusting, right?
Grab the Mini Skeleton Rat Prop Halloween Decoration from HalloweenCostumes.com for just $4.99 on sale. That's a 62% discount off the regularly listed price of $12.99!
They have long nasty tails, the creepy beady eyes, and those huge buckteeth. Plus, they are pretty quick little vermin and like to hang out in haunted places, like cemeteries, abandoned buildings, spooky addicts, and dark filthy basements. If you're looking to amp up the fear factor in your home this Halloween, adding this mini skeleton rat is highly recommended. It's even scarier than a furry rat scurrying around… yeah, we didn't think that was possible either.
The nice thing about this prop is that it doesn’t really matter what your Halloween theme is. You could be going for a devilish dungeon kind of vibe or a mad scientist’s lab sort of feng shui, or even a classic haunted house look. Whatever you want, this Mini Skeleton Rat prop will get the job done and turn all of your guests into squealing schoolgirls!
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