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Extra Long 51” & 12,000 Spikes Pink Acupressure Mat Set for Back Pain Relief & Muscle Relaxation. Free Massage Ball, Travel-Size Mat & Carrying Bag
I actually have a mat similar to this and it is AMAZING! Well worth it! 
Grab the VitaliZEN Extra Long 51” & 12,000 Spikes Pink Acupressure Mat Set for just $79.99 on sale. That's a 33% discount off the regular price of $120.00!
This exclusive design Acupressure mat is two times longer than most competitor mats which mean two times the stimulating energy for healing, pain relief and improving sleep. Plus, you get a free trigger point ball, a travel acupressure mat that can be rolled up and doubles as a pillow and a nice carry on bag with positive and inspirational messages, ideal for a gift to someone you love and really care about.
Extra Long 51” & 12,000 Spikes Pink Acupressure Mat Set for Back Pain Relief & Muscle Relaxation. Free Massage Ball, Travel-Size Mat & Carrying Bag
✅ DOUBLE LENGTH & POINTIEST SPIKES TRIPLES BENEFITS - Your 51" x 19" mat is DOUBLE the LENGTH of competitors at 25-26" long. This means that more of your body's acupressure points are reached in one sitting. The SPIKES are MORE POINTED than other mat's dull spikes to better stimulate your body's natural healing points (USE with CLOTHING or a TOWEL at first). Includes a travel mat (that can be rolled into a pillow), massage ball, & easy carrying bag.
✅ NATURAL HEALING - The environment-friendly VitaliZEN acupressure mat set gives you relief and relaxation anywhere, anytime in as little as minutes. The healing points or spikes help stimulate the body to activate its natural healing processes. Eliminate negative energies from stress. Help release the body's pain-relieving and happiness hormones - endorphins and feel great chemicals - which help to release tension and induce relaxation. The mat has over 13,000 healing points
✅ NATURAL PAIN KILLER - We recommended 4+ weeks of regular use (starting with a towel or sweatshirt as spikes are pointed) of the VitaliZEN acupressure mat for 10-30 minutes daily. Studies show that with regular use, participants have had numerous pain-relief benefits caused by a stiff neck, bad posture, migraines, sciatic nerve pain or pinched nerve pain, fibromyalgia, arthritis and a host of other conditions.
✅ ECO-FRIENDLY AND HIGH QUALITY - The VitaliZEN acupressure mat is made of high quality, non-toxic materials such as 100% cotton, HIPS plastic - a hypoallergenic material that is approved for use in surgical equipment, both of which are supported by environmental certificates. It is designed to resist the test of time and last because of the quality materials used.
✅ 4-PIECE PORTABLE CHIROPRACTOR SET - The set comes with a extra long (51 x 19 inches and 12,000 spikes), a travel mat that doubles as a pillow when rolled, a massage ball that stimulates acupressure points in your hands, feet and body, increase the blood circulation, massage muscles, helping to relieve soreness and pain. Also includes a carry-on bag so that you can bring your VitaliZEN acupressure mat with you.
BONUS #1: How To Get Rid Of Back Pain For Beginners (VALUE $47)
BONUS #2: How To Sleep Better With The VitaliZEN Acupressure Mat (VALUE $47)
BONUS #3: How To Get Rid Of Back Pain Intermediate (VALUE $47) 
Extra Long 51” & 12,000 Spikes Pink Acupressure Mat Set for Back Pain Relief & Muscle Relaxation. Free Massage Ball, Travel-Size Mat & Carrying Bag


What is the recommended time to use it?
We recommend to use it daily for 15-30 minutes, but if you are a beginner, we suggest to use it a few minutes per day and increase based on your comfort and healing point stimulation desire.
Does it help with insomnia?
Yes, our acupressure mat set provides relief and relaxation, which helps your body to release tension and therefore, sleep better.
Can I stand on it to help with plantar's fasciitis?
We recommend using our acupressure mat on your sore feet while you're sitting, that way you can control the pressure.
Can I use the travel mat for the lumbar section?
Yes. Our travel mat is ideal to treat specific parts of your body. You can fold it as a pillow to use it in your lower back, neck, and feet while you're laying down or sitting.
Is the cover removable?
Yes, the cover is removable. There are some velcro strips so you can take the foam strip out and clean it.
Is it more effective with bare skin?
Yes, it is more effective with bare skin, however, we recommend you to start slowly while you get used to the mat. Start using a few minutes per day and increase based on your comfort and healing point stimulation desire.
Can I sleep on it?
We recommend you to go slowly. Start using the acupressure mat for a few minutes and wearing a thick shirt so you get used to it. If your body moves around during sleep, we don't recommend to use it for that purpose, however, this mat helps you to relax so you can use it before going to bed.  
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