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This black tea comes with a lot of character and flavor complexity. A sweet oakiness comes around right from the start along with subtle woody, fired notes. The sip is clean and smooth with a bit of briskness which lends a layered texture to the cup. Softer notes of wood spice appear in the middle adding depth and balance. Fruity hints make up the finish which give way to a sweet spiciness like that of star anise in the aftertaste. 
Woody, star anise, licorice with subtle vegetal notes
Dark Amber
A long and clean oaky character along with underlying fire-like intonations defines the flavor profile of the cup. It feels ample in the mouth with slight briskness and reveals softer flavors of wood spice towards the middle. This adds a layer of depth and rounded feel to the liquor. Tart-fruity nuances akin to plum can be perceived towards the finish which however subside quickly to reveal sweet spicy intonations akin to star anise in the aftertaste.
Ideal with cheeses, tofu, Greek salad, vanilla, panna cotta, crème brûlée
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