PACK OF 12 - Triple Function Light-Up LED Metal Ballpoint Pens with Stylus function. These pens are awesome to keep on your nightstand or take on the go! Actually SEE what you're writing in the dark! - These very high quality pens are $5 EACH in stores, but you're getting TWELVE for $14.99, just $1.25 each! - $1.49 shipping, but if you order 2 or more 12-packs, SHIPPING IS FREE!

This is a fun find! 
Grab the PACK OF 12 Triple Function Light Up LED Metal Ballpoint Pens with Stylus for just $14.99 on sale. That's a 75% discount off the regular price of $59.88!
Pack of 12 LED Pens – Terranova Triple Function Light-Up LED Pull Cap Metal Ballpoint Pens. The Terranova Triple Function Pull Cap Ballpoint pen features three distinct functions and easily transitions between the functions to impress the audience that receives it as a gift. Working with and switching between functions is really simple and effortless. You can remove the cap to start writing in smooth medium point black ink or leave it on and press down to turn on the pen light.
  • Comes in an attractive brushed satin finish and chrome accent rings around the stylus, cap and barrel for a modern, head-turning item.
  • The built in flashlight makes this pen highly useful and dynamic.
  • The micromesh stylus facilitates powerful connectivity with high tech devices.
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