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This post first appeared on Piping Rock. All content is theirs.
There’s nothing like the aroma of your favorite perfume. A simple whiff will take you back to all the breath-taking moments associated with that scent. Your first date, graduations, rock concerts, long summer-night campfires and all else in between. Sweet moments are all captured by these particular scents. 
A quality perfume has specific notes that instantly leave you with that warm nostalgia. Some scents are simply timeless. What better way to relive these timeless memories than your own homemade perfume making?
We’ve come up with perfectly crafted perfume recipes using specific Essential Oils and complimentary Carrier Oils. Our DIY Essential Oil Perfumes are derived from hand selected scents and notes from various herbal and fruit extracts. How do you create your own?
Below are 3 Super-Simple DIY Perfumes that are easy and fun to make. Get started with our list of essential oils, carrier oils, and a Dropper Bottle. It really is that simple!
Let our timeless scents take you back to those sweet and pleasant memories that made you feel alive. Here are our a few of our favorite DIY Perfumes:

1. Strawberry Fields Forever:

Okay, this may not have any actual strawberries involved but the vibes completely match this timeless scent.
Strawberry Fields Forever will take you back to the 1960’s with great music, peaceful vibes and perfect harmony. Its scent is light and carefree with a sweet, citrus tinge. 
Reflect on those memories where you were invigorated with liberating thoughts and freedom to go anywhere and do anything. 
You’ll feel like you’ve transported yourself back to a peaceful protest full of excitement and political reveries. Here’s how to make it:
Mix the 20 drops of essential oil into 3 mL of Jojoba Oil (aka your carrier oil). Shake together in an amber dropper bottle. Let sit for a few days.
Tangerine 100% Pure Essential Oil: This sweet citrus aroma is a vibrant and vivacious top-note. Its scent is pleasantly freeing and satisfying which is perfect for a light perfume.
Patchouli 100% Pure Essential Oil: A flowering herb from the mint family, Patchouli features fragrant foliage, originating in the warmer climates of Asia. It has a strong and earthy quality making it a perfect base-note.
Ylang Ylang 100% Pure Essential Oil: Originates from Indonesia and the Philippines, and can be found elsewhere in the South Pacific. It has exotic star-like blooms which are captivating.

2. Sweetest Symphony:

Our Sweetest Symphony Oil based perfume is an instant classic. If you love smelling fresh and clean but aren’t down with florals, this is the best scent for you.
This delightful aroma is perfect for all those times you need to feel balanced. It comes off sweet and charming but reaffirming. With a mix of pure and blended Essential Oils, this DIY Perfume is great for perfume making.
Its top notes are pure, transporting you to a blooming lavender field in late spring. Its vanilla base notes will help you to stay grounded, fresh smelling and poised for any life adventure. Here’s how it’s made:
Base Note:10 drops Vanilla Blended Essential Oil
Middle Note: 6 drops Rose Essential Oil Blend
Mix the 20 drops of essential oil into 3 mL of Jojoba Oil (aka your carrier oil). Shake together in an amber dropper bottle. Let sit for a few days.
Lavender 100% Pure Essential Oil: Lavender encourages complete serenity and freedom. It’s the perfect top note for its vibrant scent and warm color.
Vanilla Blended Essential Oil: Vanilla is a classic scent that offers sensory bliss. Its charming aroma is gratifying and humbling which is why it’s our base note.
Rose Essential Oil Blend: Also known as the “Queen of Flowers” rose offers a strong and floral aroma. This scent offers the perfect balance for our top and base notes.

3. Free Spirit:

Are you a lover of travel or someone who can just get up and go where the wind takes you? If so, you’ll find that this carefree aroma is a match.
Go with the flow and try this exotic blend with a mix of pure citrus, bold cinnamon, and a sweet jasmine balance. Claim your independence with this charismatic perfume recipe and wield it freely.
Bottle it up and bring it anywhere that life takes you. It’s the perfect homemade scent for any true, free-spirit. Here’s how to make it:
Mix the 20 drops of essential oil into 3 mL of Jojoba Oil (aka your carrier oil). Shake together in an amber dropper bottle. Let sit for a few days.
Grapefruit (Pink) 100% Pure Essential Oil: Grapefruit offers the perfect, citrus-sweet aroma that’s the essence of sunshine. Its sweet demeanor is why we’ve chosen it as a top note.
Cinnamon Leaf 100% Pure Essential Oil: Cinnamon bears a warm and earthy spice that is revitalizing for your senses. It’s the perfect fundamental base note for a perfume recipe.
Jasmine Absolute Essential Oil Blend: This exotic flower originates from the mountaintops of the Himalayas and parts of Asia. It has a lush and floral scent which is great for any perfume.
These 3 Super Simple Perfume Recipes are great for any Aromatherapy-Lover. With a mixture of classic, modern and exotic scents, we have everything you need to create your own vibe. 
Piping Rock fully supports the art of homemade perfume making and all of the creativity that goes into it. Our Essential Oils are made from safe practices that are closely monitored by our team of experts.
Piping Rock’s Quality Assurance department checks essential oils for purity, heavy metals (to meet our stringent standards) and contaminants. We also check for active chemical components, specific gravity, and adhere to stringent testing specification. Moreover, our DIY Perfume Recipes are affordable, fun, safe, and natural.
While these are just three blends we concocted, there are limitless ways to create the perfect scent for yourself! Get creative and check out our full assortment of Essential Oils to find the perfect pairings for an individualized perfume. 
New to Aromatherapy? Check out our Top 5 Essential Oils Guide to help you get started with our favorite single essential oils. Once you’ve become an expert, you will be creating your own recipes and crafting your own, homemade scents.
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