It’s a brighter smile. It’s a bolder outlook. It’s a boost of confidence. It’s a vibrant, red lipstick.

Whether you’ve got a big presentation and need some extra chutzpah or are planning a night out on the town with your best girlfriends, we’d urge you to consider the transformative powers of a tube of scarlet red lip color.

Read on to learn how Avon Global Celebrity Makeup Artist Lauren Andersen gives her pout a pick-me-up.


All About That Base

In order to get the color’s truest tone, start with a clean, exfoliated base. The easiest way to do this is by giving your lips some love while washing your face. Any kind of daily cleanser will work.

Then cover your natural hue with a tinted moisturizer or foundation. I like Avon’s True Color Flawless Liquid Foundation for light, even coverage.


Picking Your Perfect Pigment

Not only does this powerful color give an instant dose of va-va-voom to any look, it also enhances other facial features.

A blue-based red instantaneously makes teeth look whiter and brighter. Blue tones cancel out yellow hues, so when paired together, a scarlet red will help counteract any yellow stains on your teeth.

Red Tulip from the Avon True Color Ultra Hydrating Lip Color collection is my go-to shade for spotlight-stealing lips.

Plus, the color base flatters almost all skin tones. Whether your complexion is dark, light, golden or olive, this hue has you covered — the proof is in the pout.


A Little Liner Goes A Long Way

Using a thin brush will allow you to control color intensity, shape, and precision.

Drawing a line around the lips will not only help provide a clean contour but also ensure that your color stays longer.

And chances are, once you start receiving a wave of compliments from your colorful, confident pout, you’ll never want it to fade!


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