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Castor Oil. Have you heard of it? Chances are that you haven't. This viscous liquid has been in hiding for years, but just recently started to gain traction in the world of natural beauty. 

Since there's a large likelihood you're not familiar with Castor Oil, we'll start with a brief background on it. 

Castor Oil is derived from the seeds of the Ricinus communis plant. This plant is native to Africa and India, growing wildly in the tropical regions of both countries. India is the most proficient and notable supplier of the oil, and it produces between 250,000 and 350,000 tons per year!

The castor beans, or seeds, are cold-pressed into a yellow liquid. This liquid is bottled, and distributed to the masses for use. 

This oil has been used in countless ways in traditional wellness practices; from skin remedies to hair treatments. 



Let's talk benefits now that you know the oil's back story. 

Castor Oil has a high viscosity, and contains Fatty Acids. These two things combined make it a natural emollient and a best friend for your skin. 


Shiny Hair 

The first benefit of the oil is what it can do to your hair. For years women and men have applied to damp hair to increase the softness, and appearance of their locks. Since it is so viscous, it acts as a natural conditioner for the hair, hydrating the split ends. Additionally, it has a high Omega-9 content that feeds the hair needed nutrients.


Supple Skin 

Who doesn't want a natural glow, in a natural way? After all, many products on the market have harsh additives that take away from the skin, rather than add to it. Castor Oil is naturally hydrating, thanks to is rich fatty acid content, and can penetrate the skin. The result? The appearance of smooth, supple skin. 


DIY Hot Oil Treatment

If you want to revive your dead, dried locks, try this quick treatment 1x per week!

Castor Oil (Expeller Pressed) Hexane Free

4 Drops Thyme Red 100% Pure Essential Oil

Apply to towel-dried hair, after showering. Heat the castor oil up in your hands, then add the few drops of essential oil. Smooth over ends, and massage into scalp. Air dry for best results.