So, today I am sharing this updated version of Homemade Dryer Sheets for your consideration. I decided to start with dishrags I already had on hand in my stash. I happened to have just enough Gain Fabric Softener left in the bottle to make this work. I thoroughly soaked the dishrags in a bowl of full strength fabric softener. Don’t worry about measuring, you can always pour what you don’t use back in the bottle. You can also use whatever kind of fabric softener you want.  

Allow the towels to dry THOROUGHLY!  I took mine outside and fashioned a makeshift clothesline using some rope and a few clothespins.  Even in this humid and dry state of Louisiana that I live in…they took awhile to dry COMPLETELY. After all the rags are completely dry, I like to store them in pretty container on the counter of my laundry room. They look nice and are easily accessible!  


Throw one sheet in with a load of clothes. I use them over and over and over before they need to be dipped and dried again. AT LEAST 30 or 40 times each.   I have to say I am VERY pleased with the results of using this new method. Clothes are VERY soft and VERY nice smelling! But MORE importantly (and the MAIN reason I use fabric softener) NO STATIC CLING! It is definitely one of my FAVORITE homemade laundry alternatives, right behind my Homemade Laundry Detergent.