Glubber Made Easy

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Homemade slimy creations are a fun kid craze these days. If you’re a parent on the hunt for an easy recipe to make at home this summer, look no further… we have the perfect Glubber recipe* to share with you! All you need are a few supplies from Dollar Tree to mix up this colorful, ooey gooey concoction your kids will want to get their hands on.


Here’s What You’ll Need:


Easy Step-by-Step Directions:

  1. In an air-tight plastic container, combine one-half capful (about 2 ounces) of 10-oz. Tide® Simply Clean™Laundry Detergent with one 4-oz. Bottle of Elmer’s® School Glue.Glubber Made Easy Step One
  2. Use a plastic fork or utensil to stir until Glubber forms.
    Glubber Made Easy - Step Two: Use Fork to Mix
  3. Add one or two drops of food coloring if desired (Tide® Clean & Fresh™ will make it blue, Tide® Clean & Sensitive™ is clear), glitter, sequins, beads, gems, or other small craft items. Continue to stir until mixed thoroughly.
    Glubber Made Easy Step Three: Add Food Coloring
  4. Keep stirring. You will be able to tell when you’re almost done when the Glubber hangs off of a fork! Add a few more drops of detergent if Glubber doesn’t lose its stickiness.
    Glubber Made Easy - Step Four: Add Glitter
  5. Allow your Glubber to sit in the container (with the lid on) for five minutes or so at room temperature to further solidify.
    Glubber Made Easy - Step Five: Set in Container
  6. Take out and enjoy… with adult supervision, of course! (And try to keep it off of Grandma’s carpet!)


*Always make Glubber under adult supervision and wash hands after play. Please be aware that Glubber can be toxic if ingested, and children with allergies should take special precautions.