If there’s one thing we’ve learned from Avon’s latest video revealing 2,000 years of anti-aging skin care secrets, it’s that women go to some extraordinary lengths for beautiful skin.

In “Stop the Madness”, we saw the following 12 cringe-worthy remedies used throughout history.

  1. The Seaweed Mask (thank you, ancient Greece)
  2. The Solid Gold Mask
  3. The Milk and Honey Facial
  4. The Bird Poo Facial (courtesy of 17th-century Japan)
  5. The Licked Amethyst Face Rub
  6. The Tin-Foil Mask
  7. Radium Treatments
  8. The Bee Venom Mask (ouch!)
  9. The Baby Food Facial
  10. Leeches!
  11. The Oxygen Mask
  12. The Kitty Litter Facial

It wasn’t easy to bring all of these wacky treatments to life, but thanks to a team of highly creative prop stylists and an extraordinarily patient model, we did. Enjoy a behind-the-scenes tour of the shoot and if you’d like to Start ANEW (and put those baby food facials to rest for good).

Real or fake? REAL.


Real milk and honey was used to depict this ancient Egyptian beauty regimen.


Real or fake? FAKE.


No bees were harmed in the making of this video. (And no humans were stung either.)


Real or fake? REAL.


Authentic (and edible!) Korean seaweed was reconstituted in this shot.


Real or fake? FAKE.


Definitely FAKE. Just makeup and lights, people.


Real or fake? REAL.


They’re only gummy leeches, but they still gave everyone on set a fright.


Real or fake? REAL.


Confirmed, real baby food went flying through the air.


Real or fake? REAL.


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