formula checks


No Baby? No Problem! 5 Uses for Formula Checks. If you have ever had a child, chances are you are still receiving formula checks in the mail. I got them for YEARS after Sophia had outgrown the formula and of course I wasn't going to use it. I hated to just toss them away because let's face it,  they are high in value and actual checks redeemable at your store for substantial savings. Enfamil, Gerber, and Similac are a few of the baby formula companies that love to send out high value formula checks in the amount of $5 and up to even $14 per check in order to entice buyers. So if you have a handful on hand but not any children who can benefit from them, take a look below at 5 alternative uses instead. No baby? No problem! Take a look at these 5 uses for formula checks and put them to good use in alternate ways!


  1. Donate them to your local women’s care center
    In most communities, a center exists for young or underprivileged mothers to get the medical and emotional support they need. Centers like this can always use donations as well, so donate your formula checks so these mothers can also enjoy substantial savings on their formula purchases too.
  2.  Post them for free on Craigslist
    Craigslist is a hot spot for mothers looking for second hand and inexpensive items for their children. Post your formula checks on Craigslist in the “free” or “children’s” section and someone is sure to want them and put them to good use.
  3.  Redeem and donate the product to your local food bank
    When you redeem these checks, you can often get formula for free or nearly free. Why not buy a few containers on sale using your checks and then donate the product to your local food bank? It is a beautiful gift to give a family in need.
  4. Trade them in couponing groups
    While it is not technically legal to sell your formula checks, many couponers are ok with trading them. If you have a group of coupon traders you hang out with, see what you can get for yours! You might be able to score some coupons for products you really need.
  5.  Create a basket for a new mom
    Redeem your checks for some cheap or free formula which you can then save for a shower gift or expectant mom gift. Put some in a basket for a mother you know will want to use it. This makes a great gift for them, and an inexpensive one for you.


Next time formula checks show up in your mail, don’t toss them. Save them and see how easy it is to use them in practical and purposeful ways. Looking to sign to receive formula checks? Consider signing up for Similac Strong Moms or Enfamil to receive high value coupons and FREE gifts.