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I love to save money, and I also love convenience. Who doesn`t? is the easiest place I can think of to ever buy anything. Especially if you`ve set up "one-click" to purchase without even thinking about it -- bam. Amazon knows that. Amazon used to be about low prices. Now, though, it`s about convenience. So others are starting to play in Amazon's game, but using price as the way to compete.
My complaints of Amazon summed up:
  • Bad customer service
  • Prime orders do not arrive on time
  • 1-day shipping never arrives on time
  • Amazon`s review policy
My problem with Amazon is how bad their customer service has gotten over the years; in particular this year. More than half of the time I get extremely rude and unhelpful employees when all I want is a credit to an order they messed up or credit for my prime order which did not arrive on time. Some take forever to respond to you through the chat and others have horrible attitudes while others will simply disconnect from you when they don`t want to talk to you. As an Amazon Prime member, I expect my orders to arrive by the promised delivery date. While I do understand things do happen from time to time, the fact that this is happening ALL the time lately is certainly not acceptable; especially if I am paying $99 per year for this service. If it were a free service I honestly would have no right to complain.
An example of their shipping that really got to me was an item I specifically paid 1-day shipping for. The item did not ship until the day before it was promised to arrive. When it did ship out it was sent via FedEx where I went to check the tracking to see where it was even coming from to ensure it`d be here on time. Well AMAZON shipped it out via FedEx Standard Home Delivery - knowing I PAID for a 1-day service. For those not familiar, that shipping option means 2-7 business days before your item will arrive. In the end it took a week to get the order for the IN STOCK item which I paid for 1-day. All that trouble I could have went elsewhere or bought it locally. I`ve had this issue a few times during different periods of the year. Enough is enough.
And finally, the last reason that was the "icing on the cake" so to speak for me, was when Amazon cut me off from reviewing on their site. I was a top reviewer, in the top 300, with around 5,000 reviews I had done over the years. I mean I was reviewing my own purchases before it became a trend. While I do understand this is Amazon`s business and they can remove whoever, I do feel they owe me a full explanation as I had requested. I followed their guidelines, disclosed and was honest with my reviews. Out of no where Amazon completely removed ALL of my reviews for "manipulation" and no further explanation. When I asked for an example and details of what I did for this so-called manipulation of reviews that they are claiming, they refused to give a response. I even sent an email to their CEO, Jeff Bezos, and got the same generic response. My issue is, if I am honestly in the wrong, why can I not know what I specifically did and why is there no discussion of it? If I ever questioned anything I always reached out to Amazon and made any necessary changes. Now my hard work is gone; even for my own personal purchases which I clearly paid money for - not a $0 amount. I feel if I am unable to leave reviews when I did not "scam" or do anything dishonest, or at the very least get an explanation, Amazon does not value me and they do not need my business.
Amazon Shopping Alternatives
Image credit: Pexels
My point is, I have quite a few reasons behind leaving Amazon behind. It wasn`t just one or the other, but everything combined. With that being said, I started seeking out alternative places to shop so I could move away from Amazon. Here`s what I`ve found:


Walmart offers tons of deals in multiple categories and you can get FREE shipping on orders of $50 or more.

Rakuten joined the Rakuten family in 2010, making the joint businesses combined into one of the world`s largest online retail marketplaces. They offer consumers more than 90 million products from 38,500 merchants around the globe. If you see an item out there for less than what you paid on their site, contact them and they will be glad to see if they can match their price. Even if it is for a penny!


AliExpress is a growing retailer that delivers millions of different products worldwide with high-quality support, buyer protection, and great deals on delivery rates. With the huge range of products, it`s easy to spend hours hunting for bargains and sales. Thankfully, the low prices will stop you from going broke as you stock up on everything from electronics to clothes, hair products, and items for around the home.


With more than 10.5 million products and an award-winning website, Newegg proudly earns the loyalty of tech-enthusiasts and mainstream e-shoppers alike. They offer all sorts of computer stuff and electronics at low/affordable prices.


DHGate is another one of the big online shopping sites like Amazon that has been expanding rapidly in recent years to offer a vast number of products from a number of categories. DHGate`s combination of large selection and numerous bargains (often backed with a price guarantee) makes it a definite win for shoppers. DHGate also offers competitive shipping on a number of products and a reward system and combines this with deal-of-the-day specials. DHGate is a great website for getting quality products at good prices thanks to their focus on protecting the buyer.

Light in the Box

Light in the Box is another online shopping website; it focuses on selling popular brands at bargain prices. Light in the Box offers a wide selection of brand name products in clothing, sunglasses, watches, bags, shoes, jewelry, kitchen, furniture, and much more. Just by visiting the home page, you can see the latest deals and sales or browse the new product arrivals. Light in the Box allows you to still buy the brands you love without having to empty your bank account. If you use Amazon to buy brand-name items, then Light In The Box is your best alternative. 
Amazon Shopping Alternatives
Image credit: Pexels

Specialized Marketplaces

  1. Handmade Goods: For unique, handcrafted items, consider exploring Etsy.
  2. Vintage Treasures: Sites like eBay offer an array of vintage and collectible items.
  3. Electronics and Gadgets: Newegg is a great alternative for tech enthusiasts.
  4. Fashion and Apparel: Zara and ASOS provide trendy clothing options.
  5. Books and eBooks: Check out Barnes & Noble or Project Gutenberg for reading material.
  6. Groceries: If you're looking for grocery delivery, FreshDirect and Instacart are popular options.
  7. Home Decor: Wayfair offers an extensive collection of home decor items.

Subscription Services

  1. Monthly Subscription Boxes: Subscription services like Birchbox and Dollar Shave Club offer unique products every month.
  2. Streaming Services: If you enjoy Amazon Prime Video, alternatives like Netflix, Hulu, and Paramount+ offer an array of content.

Local and Small Businesses

  1. Support Local: Consider shopping locally to support small businesses in your community.
  2. Farmer's Markets: Fresh produce and artisanal goods are readily available at farmer's markets.
  3. Craft Fairs: Attend local craft fairs for handmade crafts and unique gifts.

Second-Hand Shopping

  1. Thrift Stores: Thrift shops are a budget-friendly alternative for clothing and home items.
Amazon Shopping AlternativesImage credit: Pexels

Why Look for Alternatives?

Rising Concerns

  1. Privacy Concerns: Amazon's data collection practices have raised concerns about user privacy.
  2. Competition: Exploring alternatives can often lead to better deals, as competition is fierce in the e-commerce market.


Amazon may be a giant in the e-commerce industry, but the world of online shopping is vast and varied. Depending on your needs and preferences, you can explore numerous alternatives to Amazon. From specialized marketplaces to supporting local businesses, the options are endless. So, why limit yourself when you have a world of alternatives at your fingertips?


1. Are these alternatives as reliable as Amazon?

While the reliability of alternatives may vary, many of these platforms have gained trust and popularity among users. It's essential to read reviews and do your research to ensure a positive shopping experience.

2. Do these alternatives offer the same range of products as Amazon?

The range of products may differ, but each platform specializes in certain categories. You can often find unique and specialized items that may not be available on Amazon.

3. Are the prices competitive on these alternative platforms?

Price competitiveness varies from platform to platform and depends on the specific product. It's always a good idea to compare prices and look for deals and discounts.

4. Can I find international products on these alternatives?

Many alternatives offer international shipping, so you can explore products from around the world. Check the platform's shipping and delivery options for more information.

5. How can I ensure my data is secure when using these alternatives?

To ensure data security, use strong passwords, enable two-factor authentication when available, and read the privacy policies of the platforms you use. It's essential to be cautious with your personal information online.

What`s your Amazon Shopping Alternative?

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