Renting venues to host a child’s birthday party can quickly reach hundreds of dollars. It may be easier when it comes to clean up time, but when you consider expenses and travel time for all the guests, it can be a hassle. Hosting a party at your home – especially in your backyard – can be just as fun at a fraction of the cost.


Here are 3 outdoor birthday party games that children of all ages can enjoy for pennies:

  1. Fruit pass
    Ask children to make a circle. You’ll need a green and red apple. Children will pass the green apple to their right, and the red one to the left – all at the same time. The challenge? They cannot use their hands; they must pass with their elbows.
  2. Dried Bean Spoon Pass
    Pair children in groups of two. Pile dried beans onto spoons and instruct one half of the children to walk 10 feet to their teammate and give them the spoon. The second child walks back to the other side, trying not to lose too many beans. Those with the most beans wins.
  1. Sponge Bomb Wars
    Cut 20 new, multi-colored sponges lengthwise into one inch strips. Select 6 strips and wrap a rubber band tightly around the mid-section. Place them in a large bucket of water outdoors for a monumental war of wet sponges.


Another incentive of hosting backyard parties is the germ factor. Indoor party venues are breeding grounds for invisible germs that linger on doorknobs, toilets and every other imaginable location. And since it’s confined space, children with bacterial infections can easily spread their germs. If your child attends a venue-hosted party, he or she may have gone feeling fine. However, things may change within 24 hours and your child may require prescription medication from your pediatrician.

Be Inspired to DIY

Party invitations, along with party favors, are usually necessary items. Many online or brick and mortar party stores are happy to sell them to you for a steep price. If you have access to a color printer, why not create your own invitations? You can insert your child’s photo, as well as fun clipart. Many of your child’s friends probably attend the same school, daycare or church or are neighbors. Hand delivered birthday invitations add a personal touch and ensures it reaches its destination.


What? A Homemade Birthday Cake?

You don’t have to be good enough to qualify for a reality tv cake decorating contest. Your judges are probably under 4 feet tall and just want the icing on the birthday cake anyway. An infinite number of online websites can give you more ideas than there are stars in the universe. Or make cupcakes, which are easy for little hands to hold.


4 Fun Cupcake Ideas

  1. Use colored icing and arrange as a pull-apart flower on the table
  2. Make Minion cupcakes, using yellow and white icing, and M&Ms for eyes
  3. Create a caterpillar, using Life Savers for eyes, and Gummy worms for legs 
  4. If the party is outdoors, allow children to decorate their own pre-iced cupcake. Place different color sprinkles or M&Ms inside the compartments of a muffin pan and give them a plastic spoon to scoop up their favorite cupcake toppers.

A backyard children’s birthday party can be more interactive, less expensive and most importantly, filled with fun and unique games.