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Couponing has become a widely accepted method of saving money for people struggling through these tough economic times. Not only can couponing save you money with grocery shopping, but it can also make those family outings or everyday purchases less expensive.
While the concept itself is relatively simple, couponing is an art and takes practice with a proven system to become effective.
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As someone just getting into couponing, the first important step in building the basis of your couponing success is proper organization. Fortunately, many money-saving gurus have been kind enough to share their secrets and techniques to make starting out easier on newcomers.
Below are some of the most popular ways to organize your coupons for a more efficient grocery shopping experience.

Coupon Binders

Coupon binders have become a popular way in which coupon connoisseurs keep themselves organized.
Simply put, they involve placing individual coupons inside the plastic sheets of a binder for quick and easy access.
In many cases, these binders are used as a short-term method prior to going to the grocery store. The coupons are arranged in alphabetical order so that as items are identified during shopping, they can quickly be referenced and compared with the sales.
BONUS: Check out my previous coupon binder system here and the other coupon binder system I used here. While these may no longer be available, you can make your own which is suited more towards your needs.

Sectioned Containers

As with binders, containers are also another popular method for coupon organization.
This variation consists of a box or plastic container with a number of ordered dividers inside. Usually, the dividers have alphabetical tabs with the coupons filed based on the manufacturer's name.
Container coupon filing systems are a practical way to store coupons for the long-term while using binders for quick accessibility during shopping. However, some people still prefer to lug around their containers, so they have access to all of their coupons just in case they run into a sale that they were unaware of prior to leaving for the grocery store.
TIP: I have used a file folder cart in the past to hold my extra inserts. I was able to label things easily with the file folder which makes finding the coupons you need so much easier!


Electronic organization is a new concept that has been introduced since tablet PCs entered the playing field. Mobile devices such as the iPad have drastically changed the way the modern couponer stores and organize their coupon collection.
Some people have converted completely to digital couponing by finding coupons and other resources, then using their tablet as a digital filing system.
However, those who still prefer paper coupons can use their iPad as a way to create organized tables for comparing coupons with current sales. This makes it easier to determine which coupons you will need for a particular shopping trip without having to dig through your collection each time.
In all, it is vital to your couponing success for there to be some form of organization in your coupon system. Whether you opt for a more traditional method such as binders, or some of the newer variations that involve a tablet, organization is the foundation of a consistently successful coupon system.
TIP: Read my ultimate couponing FAQ list to help you start couponing!
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