Essential Life Hacks Closetsamples
Life hacking allows people to take more ownership of their lives. Before attempting to hack life, people shouldn't just set an end goal but should also ask themselves how they want to feel on a daily basis. If people aren't happy with what they are doing daily they won't succeed. Maybe all this life hackery is just another way the internet tries to hold your attention. Some life hacks might really be game-changers. Either way, it doesn't hurt to try, right?!
It's a new day which means some new daily life hacks to help you save some money and live better. You can see previously posted daily life hacks here.

Definition of life hack

informal. : a usually simple and clever tip or technique for accomplishing some familiar task more easily and efficiently. "Life hacks," as they are known, are all about eliminating life's manifold frustrations in simple and deliciously clever ways.

Why are life hacks so popular?

Life Hacks are the best things that can happen to a person. Why wouldn't you like to do the same thing in a short and simple way? Like Bill Gates always said He would like to hire a lazy person rather than hard-working person because he will find an easy way to do the same. Life Hacks merely make the work easy with the same results. They are popular because they can improve the rest of your life.

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Planning to visit London? You should be aware that almost all of their museums have free admission!

Speaking of London, check these out:

#1 LEGO Architecture London 21034
Capture the architectural essence of London with this magnificent set that brings together the iconic National Gallery, Nelson’s Column, London Eye, Big Ben (the Elizabeth Tower) and Tower Bridge, in an inspirational skyline setting. Each individual LEGO structure provides a unique and rewarding building experience, with true-to-life color and relative scale depiction. London's Thames River is represented in the tiled baseplate, adding an extra dimension and feel of authenticity to this wonderful model that focuses on the amazing architectural diversity of one of the world’s most dynamic cities.
#2 Stupell Industries European London Landmarks British City Skyline Architecture
Proudly made in the USA, our stretched canvas is created with only the highest standards. We print with high quality inks and canvas, and then hand cut and stretch it over a 1.5 inch thick wooden frame. The art comes ready to hang with no installation required. This great piece is sure to be a focal point of the room.
#3 National Geographic Traveler: London, 5th Edition - (Paperback)
Despite the upheaval of the Brexit process, the English capital has constantly ranked as the most-visited city in Europe. This immense metropolis offers tourists a range of activities, from the British Museum, where entry is free, to Westminster Abbey, the historical cathedral of London, and to Buckingham Palace, where tourists flock to photograph the changing of the guard. London is also the capital of shopping, from Bond Street to Harrods, the quintessential department store, and Camden Town market. National Geographic Traveler: London offers suggestions for planning an ideal itinerary. The more adventurous traveler looking for unusual activities will find plenty to try, and the guide covers all the essential tourist attractions and the most exciting events to attend. There is information on lifestyle, history, and contemporary culture, special excursions and walks with illustrated maps, and useful tips for an enjoyable stay.


Want to save some money on your energy bills? Install a programmable thermostat. They're less than one hundred dollars and will save you 10 percent on your energy bills per year.

Speaking of programmable thermostats, give one of these a try:

#1 hekka BEYONDELEK C17 touch screen HVAC thermostat with programmable thermostat with a wireless smart thermostat
#2 FastTech HY04BW Programmable Digital Room Thermostat Thermoregulator
  • Power Supply: 2 AA* 1.5V alkaline batteries 
  • Display accuracy: 0.5'C or 1'F
  • Probe sensor: NTC(10k)1%
  • Contact capacity: 5A/250V(BW)
  • Working environment temperature: 0~50'C/32~122'F
  • Range of temperature adjustment: 5~35'C/41~95'F
  • Range of temperature display: 0~40'C/32~104'F
  • Output: Switch relay
  • Insulating condition: Normal environment
  • Running program: Set per 1 week as a cycle
  • Installation: Wall mounted
  • Application: Wall-hung Boiler Heating System ,Water heating system
#3 TomTop Smart LCD Touchscreen Thermostat for Home Programmable Electric Floor Heating System Water Heating Thermoregulator AC 85-250V Temperature Controller
This digital floor heating thermostat uses the advanced microcomputer chip control and high precision sensor to control temperature of electric heating devices. Control motorized ball valve, motorized valve, thermal valve, solenoid valve, heater, electric heating film and electric heating carbon crystal. It's mainly used for floor heating and water heating.