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How to Grow A Garden + the Benefits  

You may remember that back in May I did a review for Survival Essentials on their seeds. Well that weekend following the review I went out and got the goodies I needed to make the garden happen. Now let me say, I already had a small garden I had started before that review, as you`ll notice in the video. So this isn`t my first garden. Also, keep in mind I`m not an expert, but I am sharing my experience so far!  

The thing about gardening is that it`s beneficial. Fresh food is always healthier, particularly if no chemicals were used. When you grow your own food you know where it came from, how it was handled, etc. It`s also a lot of work, but comes with a lot of satisfaction as well. At least in my opinion it does. So let`s get started shall we? Here`s what you`ll need:  

  First of all you`re going to need to select a place in your yard where you want to plant your garden. We choose to grow ours along our fence. My ultimate goal is to have the whole wall of fence for nothing but food we`re growing. Of course we`re doing it sections at a time since it does get expensive and also so we can make it look nice.  

Once you`ve selected where you will plant your garden roll out your weed blocker. We use a weed barrier fabric. Now this isn`t 100% weed proof, but believe me, it helps a LOT. I mean if you look at where our flower garden where we used it and where we didn`t use it you can see a major difference (but that`s another huge project for another day).   

After you rolled out your weed blocker go ahead and put your border around the garden. For me, this makes it look nice as well as make it easier to tell whats my vegetable plants growing and what`s weeds and such growing. Sometimes we get odd random weeds so of course that can make it difficult to distinguish between the two.  

 After the border is all up, go ahead and pour in your gardening soil. Before not too long ago I thought just regular dirt would work. This is not so. Depending on your area and the soil PH and all that fun stuff will determine what and how well your stuff will grow. I don`t understand half of that stuff so to keep it simple I used the gardening soil which is meant for vegetables and fruits. 

  Now your garden is all set up and ready for you to start planting! This is where it can get tricky. Read the instructions on your seeds to know when it`s a good time to begin planting your seeds in your area. Each area is separated by zones. So right now me growing corn is excellent for me, but for someone up north, maybe not so much. So read your seeds instructions and know when it`s the right time to plant them. When you`re ready simple make a hole, pour a couple seeds in, and cover it up with dirty. Again, be sure to read the seed information. This tells you how far to space things apart and how big they will grow.   

As you put the seeds in the ground, use your gardening labels to mark which vegetable/fruit is what. This makes it easier to keep up with and be able to research any questions or concerns you may have about each one as it grows.  

Once you`re done with planting your seeds, water your garden! I have a nozzle with various settings and I use the "shower" setting so the pressure isn`t too hard or not too light for the watering. Be sure to water EVERY day (unless it rains you get a break). Also, it`s best to water in early morning or in the later afternoon. Basically avoid the afternoon and when it`s the hottest part of the day to water.  

If you do all this on a regular basis, usually within a week you will see a little sprout coming up from the seed you planted. If you have any additional tips that you`d like to add I`d love to hear about it in a comment below!

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