Clothes can be so expensive! This is especially true if you do not have a coupon code or deal. Right now, I am going to share with you how to save a ton on clothes by trying out these steps and shopping at SHEIN! 
SHEIN offers some steals in its flash sale and clearance section. And you can also find promo codes that can sometimes help bring the price down even more. A quick internet can show you if there is a current SHEIN coupon code available, or you can simply follow my blog and social media accounts as I try to keep up with the latest deals.
There are 2 known SHEIN hacks to help get free clothes:

#1 Way to get FREE Clothes from SHEIN

SHEIN Reviews are gold! Leave reviews of SHEIN products you’ve purchased and collect bonus points that can be used to purchase free clothes! (If you add photos and your measurements you get extra points.) The more points you collect, obviously, the more free clothing you can get from them.
If you submit photos, don't forget to edit them to make them look nicer and more professional. Might I suggest you try using Picmonkey? It's FREE to try and a great way to make your images stand out!

#2 Way to get FREE Clothes from SHEIN

If you’re a fashion blogger or influencer, you can get free clothes from SHEIN every month by emailing them and letting them know a bit about yourself and your audience. If you match their requirements you may be accepted! So, once again, you get free clothes! If you do choose to go this route, I recommend reaching out to them and describing yourself, your blog, and how your influence can help their brand. Businesses love to know how you can help them - not how they can help you! So make sure you write up something that makes you stand out. I would recommend even including a media kit!
Don't have a media kit? Let me work with you to make your own customized media kit!
By the way, if you sign up for the SHEIN newsletter, you can get a free 10% coupon! You can sign up for free by clicking here. SHEIN coupon codes are a great way to save money on your purchase.
While you may not qualify for either option to get free clothing from SHEIN, they are still an affordable website in general for clothing and accessories. This is especially true if you stack a coupon code deal in the mix. Also, they make for great last-minute gifts as you can always send someone a SHEIN gift card - perfect for all you last-minute shoppers!
Regardless, if you have ever shopped SHEIN and saved money, I would love to know about your experience. Share your SHEIN review with us below - don't be shy!
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