These sites are some sites I have come across. You shop on them using credits or points or something similar. There's no money involved. Sometimes some may ask for just shipping cost (depending on the site). But these are great for those who don't have the money to really make purchases. Hope these help some of you out!

They're all FREE TO JOIN!

Credit/Point Reward Sites

  1. Listia -Online auction using credits. They give you 50 credits to start when you sign up and you can get 50 more for listing your first auction. There's other ways to gain credits as well. Sometimes sellers may ask to cover shipping cost, you can pick up local and some offer free shipping.
  2. Recycle Bank- Earn rewards for recycling stuff. You can also link to your Kashless Account for more points!

Local/Community Sites
  1. Craigslist -Search your local area for items being given away. Look under the "free" section in your community for the freebies. People also list jobs & local events. Beware of scams though!
  2. FreeCycle -Basically the same as craigslist. I seem to find less on here, but it all depends on your area on what you find. This one you also have to sign up to get in the group and they do seem to have stricter restrictions.

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