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When you eat too many sugary items, you feel sick. Too many fries? You feel like a greasy mess. These are small things that when done daily just don't feel right. We can easily pinpoint the source of discomfort, the unhealthy feeling, and change. Yet, what about those Bad Habits that you do in relation to your daily hygiene. These offenders are less noticeable, especially since you've programmed yourself into a possible *lifelong* cycle of performing them. 

Today, we break these habits. 

What habits are they? Beauty habits. They are causing break-outs, dry skin, split ends, and less-than-lovely appearances. 

Below is the list you should keep on hand anytime you feel ready to confront your daily demons, and change things up. New year, new you after all. 


Change Your Bed Linens Often

When was the last time you put thought into cleaning your bed linens? We're hoping no more than 5 days. You should always keep your area of rest clean and neat. It's recommended that you wash your sheets once a weekIf you're not doing this, you're creating a breeding den for bacteria. That may be fun for them, but it isn't fun for your body. Dirty sheets = break outs. Think about the exchange of your face to your pillow during a night. See what we mean? The funky stuff rubs onto you. Go on, start cleaning your sheets like the pro you are. 


The Makeup's Gotta Go

Are you a person that just can't take off your makeup? You live in it.  Actually, it's become an extension of yourself. If you are, it's time to change. Makeup is fun, and can help perk up our natural beauty, but it isn't great for the body. From exposing your skin to dirt, and bacteria to causing irritation of the eyes/lashes, the results aren't amazing. No one wants to wake up with a pimple, and a half-open eye anyway...right?

If you can't get the energy to run to the bathroom, keep some natural towelettes near your bed to effectively remove the makeup. Or make some DIY Micellar Water which works well, too!


Moisturize, Serum, Moisturize

Redundant? Okay, maybe just a bit. Yet we are firm believers that you should be not only moisturizing your skin, but using a serum alongside it as well. These two work as an outrageous beauty duo, conquering fine lines and promoting the appearance of youthful skin when used together. If you can't get around to doing both, twice a day, aim for once daily to start. By slowly welcoming in the change, you'll feel better, and your skin will thank you. 

Here are our two favorite products to use! They don't cost a lot, and will help you achieve your goal of breaking the non-serum habit.

Hyaluronic Acid Serum

Firming DMAE Moisturizer

Together they are cost only: $22. 


There you have it, the top 3 Bad Habits you should break starting today. Make sure to stay consistent, it's been shown that to break any habit, and form a new one can take 21 days. So, persistence is key. Remember what you're working toward: A healthier life with glowing skin!