Probiotics are essential for populating your gut with friendly bacteria from nutritionally rich foods like yogurt and other dairy products. However, diet alone isn't the only way to add friendly bacteria to your daily routine. Supplements provide your body with a concentrated dose of probiotics and many with other supporting nutrients.
With so many Probiotic Supplements available to you, it could be overwhelming to find one that will provide you with the most benefit. Equip yourself with the information below on how to choose the best probiotic formula to meet your daily wellness goals!
Focusing on Quality:
Quality should be your number one priority when choosing your probiotic. Once you get past marketing, it's important to know more about the product you're shopping for.
Choosing a quality brand is a part of this process but not the only aspect. Once you find your top brands of choice, it's time to look at the supplement facts. Below are the most crucial quality attributes of a probiotic formula to look for.
Quality Attributes:
Strain Count:
The more strains the better! The more strains your probiotic has a wider range of support you're receiving. These strains are derived from species of bacteria, the most common include LactobacillusBifidobacterium, and Saccharomyces boulardii.
Blend Balance:
Some quality probiotics feature a diverse blend of bacteria species with two or more species of bacteria and a variety of strains.
Balanced blends offer wide-ranging support for your body that you may not be receiving from single-species probiotics.
Organism Potency:
Potency is a large factor to consider when reviewing a probiotic label. Most probiotics disclose an approximate quantity of organisms ranging from 250 million up to 90 billion organisms.
These friendly florae are used to populate your gut, you may want to consider choosing formulas with higher quantities of organisms.
Quality Statements:
Look for quality statements that set your probiotic formula apart from others. "Non-GMO," "Gluten-Free" and "Free of Preservatives" are a few quality attributes that denote quality in sourcing and manufacturing. 
Finding your Formula:
Women's Probiotics:
Women's probiotics are specially designed with nutrients made just for women. These typically include vitamins and extracts like cranberry for additional support.
Men's Probiotics:
Men's probiotics are scientifically crafted to support men and their specific needs. This includes vitamins and raw food blends that are nutrient-rich.
Kid's Probiotics:
Your kids need probiotics to help support their active lifestyles. Children's probiotics are made with nutrients to promote developing bodies. These usually come in chewables or powder with sweet fruit flavors.
Pet's Probiotics:
Don't forget your furry friends! Just like humans, pets require digestive support from probiotics. Probiotics can help supplement nutrition received from traditional pet food.
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