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This post first appeared on Piping Rock. All content is theirs.
Picture yourself slowly sinking into a soft mattress that is calmly floating down a peaceful stream. The only discernible sound is the gently lapping current that carries you serenely along. The sky is an equal blend of orange and pink as the sun quietly melts beneath the horizon. Let all your troubles and daily woes slowly dissolve into the clear water as you close your eyes and imagine what lies beneath. Tune into your senses and focus on your breathing and surrounding peace.
Sounds restful and carefree, doesn’t it? Fortunately, we’ve recreated this experience by hand selecting fragrances that match the exact ambiance described in the above experience. This Essential Oil Blend is dreamy, forgiving and peaceful. Let it lull you slowly to that place of comfort and tranquility.

Essential Oil Blend Recipe:

Middle Note: 2 Drops Jasmine Blended Essential Oil
Middle Note: 2 Drops Clary Sage 100% Pure Essential Oil


Add a few drops of this blend to cotton balls and place in the corners of your room or create a soothing linen spray in 1 ounce of distilled water and spray your sheets before bed. Let the uplifting aroma do the rest!

Essential Oil Characteristics:

Chamomile Blended Essential Oil:

Our Blended Chamomile Oil is the perfect combination of Chamomile and Sweet Almond Oil with a warm and herbaceous aroma. Let the calming, floral-notes carry you through your sweetest dreams imaginable.

Jasmine Blended Essential Oil:

Featuring an ideal proprietary blend of Jasmine Essential Oil and Sweet Almond Oil, our Jasmine Blend combines exotic floral fragrance along with soothing properties. This luxurious and calming blend will lull you into a trance, melting your worries away.

Bergamot 100% Pure Essential Oil: 

Prized for its bright, citrus-sweet bouquet, Bergamot is revered for its ability to add balance, serenity, and zest to your Aromatherapy routine. Practice positive self-talk and rejuvenate your senses with this relaxing favorite.

Clary Sage 100% Pure Essential Oil: 

This 100% Pure Essential Oil is derived from decorative purple blossoms that flourish in summer. Its long-lasting spicy, yet subtle fruity notes will help spark inspiration and serenity to your dreams. 

5 Step Bedtime Meditation Exercise:

1. Removing All Distractions:

To fully immerse yourself in a beneficial meditation experience, you need to remove all external distractions. Shut off, or put away any electronics like your TV, phone, tablet, etc. It's essential to stay completely focused on the present.

2. Setting your Ambiance:

Add a few drops of your "Sweet Dreams Blend" to cotton balls and place in the corners of your room or use your soothing linen spray to lightly coat your sheets before laying down. Crack your window open for a nice spring breeze and play your favorite calming sounds. Setting your ambiance is a delicate process. Make sure to set up your room for complete comfort and relaxation for the greatest effect.

3. Guided Visualization:

Take yourself back to that mattress ride down a peaceful stream and let your thoughts run wild. This experience all depends on your imagination and self-peace. For extra inspiration, there are a host of guided mediation tools online that provide soothing audio. Choose your adventure! Whether it be enthralling & captivating or soothing & calm, your place of ultimate comfort is chosen by you.

4. Focused Deep Breathing: 

Take a deep 5-second breath in through your nose and slowly exhale through your mouth for 10-seconds. Be mindful of the flow of your exhales. Focus on pushing your breath from the top of your shoulders and work your way down to your toes. It's important to make sure that your mind and whole body are engaged. 

5. Positive Self Talk:

Positive self-talk is the most important way to create ultimate relaxation. Absorb all the positive external energy around you and harness it for your inner peace. Keep reminding yourself of all that have accomplished that week and how important you are. Let negative thoughts come and go without judgment or worry. The less you try to control them, the less power they will have over you.

Homemade Essential Oils:

Making Essential Oils is a rewarding experience that helps you get first hand knowledge on different scents and their characteristics. By working with different recipes and aromas, you will find which ones work best for you. There are so many different base notes, middle notes and top notes to choose from. Learn about the different classifications of Essentials and choose your favorite Carriers to add to your recipes. 
Once you’ve become an expert with Essential Oils and their characteristics you can begin starting your own Aromatherapy DIY projects.
Looking for more popular homemade Essential Oil Recipes? Check out our 3 Super Simple DIY Perfumes for more inspiration. 
New to Aromatherapy? Check out our Top 5 Essential Oils Guide to help you get started with our favorite single Essential Oils. Once you’ve become an expert, you will be making your own Essential Oil recipes and crafting your own, homemade scents.
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