blue tansy essential oil

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For everyone that loves the blue-hued oil, but doesn't know what to do with it, this one's for you.


Blue Tansy Essential Oil has been captivating the clean skincare world recently because of its alluring blue color. While the products are fun to look at, they usually come with a hefty price tag of $50 or more for a face cleanser, mask, or what have you. For most of us, that isn't an ideal price range, amirite? 

That's where today's post comes into play. Its aim is to teach you how to use your Blue Tansy Essential Oil outside placing it in a diffuser. The way to do that is giving you the recipe to make your own envy-instilling beauty products at a fraction of the cost. 

Let's get acquainted with Blue Tansy Essential Oil for any of you who may not know about it. After all, the aroma this oil packs is sweet, and earthy making it a must-know/must-have for any D.I.Y lovers essential oil cabinet. 

blue tansy essential oil

Blue Tansy, also called "Moroccan Tansy", is sourced from a yellow-flowered plant native to Morocco. After undergoing a steam distillation process, the leaves/stem produce a light blue oil. This oil has been used since Ancient Greece for its benefits.  In fact, King Charlemagne was a fan. 

Sold? Good. Now it's time to start making an affordable skincare product with it!



This cleanser will have a lightly colored blue hue and delightful smell thanks to the blue tansy oil!

What You Need:

Note: Our Blue Tansy Essential Oil is only $23, which means you can remake this cleanser time again and save a lot of dough.


Using the funnel, add in your Castile Soap, followed by your Almond Oil, and lastly your essential oils. Shake together. Use on damp skin. Wash off. Dry. Repeat daily.

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blue tansy essential oil