Piping Rock Fall Bugs

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Feel that chill in the air?

The mornings are filled with clouds of breath, the leaves are beginning to change and the fall insects are beginning to make their presence known…

Yes, it’s certainly beginning to look like and feel like autumn, and today marks the official equinox!

As the season changes and the weather starts to get colder, you may start to notice many-legged, winged and overall unwanted trespassers in your home. These uninvited house guests are called overwintering insects, and in truth their only crime is seeking out the safety of your home to escape from the elements of the autumn and winter weather… but that doesn’t make them any less of a pest!

Since these insects are naturally seeking the warmth and dryness of your home, you are more likely to find them gaining entrance on the western or southern walls of your house where the sunlight is the strongest. They can get in through cracks in your panels, doors that were left open and windows that could use a good caulking.

While there is no guaranteed method for keeping these pesky intruders completely away, using essential oils in the corners of your windows, doors, vents and any other entryways may help deter these creepy-crawlies from using these gaps and getting into your house!

Here are our favorite oils for helping to keep autumn bugs at bay the natural way!


Piping Rock Peppermint Oil


Distinctly strong and bold in scent, peppermint oil emits a sharp, minty aroma that bugs simply hate!


Piping Rock Lemon Eucalyptus Oil


A powerfully fresh and citrusy aroma with subtly-sweet citronella-like undertones, lemon eucalyptus oil has the added bonus of emitting a sense of cleanliness!


Piping Rock Sweet Orange Oil


Medium in strength, sweet orange oil emits an aroma that’s tangy and citrusy like the fruit itself, yet harsh to insects that come in contact with it.


Piping Rock Rose Geranium Oil


This oil sports a sweetly floral, yet minty and rose-like aroma. Rose geranium oil may smell romantic to you, but to many bugs it’s a smell that means there won’t be a second date!


Piping Rock Cypress Oil


The familiar aroma of cypress oil is woody and spicy, reminiscent of the towering evergreens from which it was derived, and is no friend of insects!


Piping Rock Citronella Oil


A staple throughout the summertime, citronella oil‘s classic anti-pest aroma is familiarly woody and slightly sweet in scent.


Piping Rock My 4 Thiefs Essential Oil Aromatherapy Blend


Piping Rock’s very own My 4 Thief’s Oil features a proprietary blend of timeless essential oils that can help keep bug intruders away with its spicy, earthy and licorice-like aroma.


Keeping those overwintering fall nuisances at bay takes diligence, but by simply adding these oils to any place where these pesky critters might find their way in can help this season be a bug-free one! Try combining oils for a more powerful effect and, like any product, be sure to keep your little ones (pets included!) away from the easy-to-reach spots (such as door frames) where you’ve put your oils.

Let us know how you’re stopping overwintering insects in their tracks and here’ s to a happy home this season and every season!