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Don Bohn Ford Harvey closetsamples
Most of y`all probably remember my outrage from my experience at "that other place" as I shall call it. Well, luckily we were able to get out of that mess of a contract without any problems. We saw a 2007 Honda Accord on Don Bohn Ford website and were crossing our fingers it was still there. It was in our price range and after seeing other vehicles from other places to only find out they were sold the day or days before our hopes weren`t too high. Especially more so because that was the only day we had together to search for another vehicle that I needed to get that day.
So we arrived at Don Bohn and was immediately approached by a nice salesman named Moe. He had a smile on his face, we told him what we came to see and he brought us to see it right away. No waiting, no games. He was quick to grab the keys and invite us to do a test drive. I let my husband drive it first so he could feel how it drives and such then I drove it since it was of course my vehicle. Moe insisted on us trying the features to make sure they work such as the air conditioning and such. Compared to our last experience, it was refreshing to have someone care that we purchased a vehicle in working condition!
After all, was said and done we were ready to move forward and purchase the vehicle. It took but 5 minutes for us to fill out our information and maybe 20 minutes all together give or take for me to pull up my work check stubs and for him to submit our paperwork. In the end, we were approved. Of course, us getting approved wasn`t as simple as we thought.
You see, when the wonderful lady from the financial area came out, I forgot her name (I`m sorry!! I didn`t forget the face though!), she explained -- even PROVED showing us her phone log-- how much trouble she went through to help us out. The problem? "The Other Place" really screwed us over basically with whatever they did between changing deals and then backing out. We don`t know what they did exactly, but they did something where Capital One refused to be our financial loaners for the vehicle with them. Yea, crazy right? So she pulled together her contacts, VERY QUICKLY might I add, to really push for us to walk out of there with the car and getting us the rate we said we needed.
She was super sweet, friendly, and actually explained things out to us; again unlike "the other place". She didn`t even put GAP coverage or try to lie to us about it. When we explained to her what we had recently dealt with she explained to us how GAP is nice to have but isn`t necessary for a used vehicle whereas a brand new car she would have locked us in the room til we signed it (joking around with us of course!) She explained everything we were signing, showing us the cost of the car, the cost of the interest we were paying, and actually explained the importance of my husband and I leasing the car together rather than bringing in his mom as a co-signer again. Being new to having to lease a car this was important to me and even better I didn`t have to ask. She did it on her own like it`s an everyday task. She knows her job well, was great to talk to, didn`t rush or push us, and entertaining while we were waiting! Although she did explain that for the first year I believe it is I get FREE Nitrogen fill-ups in my tires, not plain air, which is supposed to be better. --Don`t ask me I`m not good with the technical stuff. But she went into telling us about the FREEBIES they offer during that time period. How awesome is that?
In the end, I had the BEST experience I could have asked for at the dealership. We arrived inside and were offered drinks and coffee while we waited. After signing the paperwork they actually brought the car to get CLEANED and filled with gas before we left. This was not something I requested, but something they did on their own. It`s just how they treat their customers. While waiting in between they have a large flat screen tv in the waiting area with comfortable seating so you`re not stuck sitting at a desk or table reading car pamphlets for entertainment. My husband was most grateful considering the LSU game was on! While my husband watched the game I sat at Moe`s desk part of the time and Moe even invited me to just play around on his computer if I wanted because he wasn`t using it. Basically, anything for us to feel comfortable and make us happy. They definitely go beyond at this dealership. Best of all, I didn`t have to miss work. I was there between 1.5-2 hours total before literally driving off the lot. What a GREAT crew of staff. I would HIGHLY recommend going to them if you`re looking into getting another car.
By the way, my husband recommends them too because he purchased his vehicle there over a year ago now and have had nothing but excellent service there when he went getting help from Ryan and a manager named Manny. Sorry if I misspelled anybody`s name! Again, he received the same impressive customer service. I even remember when he discovered something not working quite right in his car. Without any hassle they took it to the back, fixed it and even gassed up his car for him for the trouble and didn`t even try to charge him. At "the other place" they were going to have us pay for any repairs. Crazy huh?
We experienced a huge difference in customer service than we had been dealing with. I was highly impressed. I can`t exaggerate enough how wonderful my experience was that I had to share it!

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