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2506 Barataria Blvd Marrero, LA 70072

You may remember that last month I had a bad experience at the Sonic in Kenner, LA. In fact, it was so horrible I was just urged to write a review about my experience. Well not too long after that experience I received an apology and was sent a replacement gift card along with some Sonic merchandise to make up for my experience. When I wrote about my previous experience I had received a gift card to experience Sonic, but just to show you - I keep my feelings honest regardless if I get anything for it or not as to not mislead my readers. Well when my replacement card came in I stuck with the Sonic I know. I went ahead and got another "Who Dat" burger.

The first time I tried it in Kenner it was HORRIBLE and the "who dat" applicator on the top tasted like a paper napkin and was peeling off. This time at the Marrero location my burger was FRESH and the applicator on the top was fully in tact and guess what?! It didn`t taste like a napkin - it all went together and tasted like an AWESOME burger. In fact, it`s my new favorite burger that my Sonic offers. I`m sure it`s a local thing since it says "Who Dat", but if you`re local you HAVE to try it. Also, it came with a small packet of Tony Chachere├é to really give it that New Orleans flavor. Absolutely delicious! Along with my burger, I also decided to try out their Egg Nog Shake.

I`m an egg nog fan, but it all depends on how it`s made in all honesty. This was so good that the next time I went to Sonic I got it, but with chocolate added to it since I couldn`t decide between the eggnog or chocolate shake. When you can`t decide- mix it! That was also delicious. In all honesty, this was the best eggnog shake ever because I`ve tried the one McDonalds offers and yuck! I thought they would all be similar but McDonald's has nothing on Sonic when it comes to this shake! Now with the last little bit left on the gift card I`ve been enjoying their ice. In my opinion Sonic honestly has the BEST ice and for a medium cup it`s only $0.32! Remember, I am 37.5 weeks pregnant so shaved and crushed ice is just the best thing in the world to me right now. Like I mentioned before, this is my home Sonic location and I have not been disappointed with them lately.

Occasionally mistakes happen, like anywhere, but generally, I have absolutely NO problems. My food has been fresh as well as my drinks. The staff works quickly and when we were in line just for some ice at the drive-thru section (rather than pulling in) a staff member actually came and delivered the ice out to us instead of making us wait to come up to the window. I thought that was pretty nice of them and wasn`t expecting it. So if you`re local and want a great Sonic experience, head to the one in Marrero! Now on our way out tonight, I think I need to stop and get me another Who Dat burger since I`m craving it after bringing it up again!