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Today, SONIC Drive-In unveiled a new lineup of spicy menu items, and they mean spicy, that seek to meet the growing consumer demand for fiery foods. The new lineup includes the Classic Spicy Chicken Sandwich, Island Fire Spicy Chicken Sandwich, Island Fire Super SONIC® Cheeseburger, and Southwest Chipotle Breakfast Burrito. Restaurant trade magazine Nation's Restaurant News reported in June on the spicy food trend, citing a study that found hot or spicy foods appealed to 48 percent of American consumers. In addition, over 55 percent of those ages 25 to 44 ranked their preferred level of heat at a seven or higher on a scale of one to 10. "With these new spicy menu items we really want our customers to experience the addictive thrill of spice," said Chef Claes Petersson, vice president of product innovation at Sonic.

"We've created the perfect combination of spice and flavor that will have our customer's taste buds tingling as each bite brings a flavorful thrill." The Classic Spicy Chicken Sandwich is a kicked-up classic, featuring 100 percent all-white meat crispy chicken breast filet seasoned with a spicy cayenne pepper blend, crisp lettuce, hand sliced tomato and mayo atop a toasted ciabatta bun. For the more daring, the Island Fire Spicy Chicken Sandwich includes a sweet and spicy habanero sauce on top of the spicy chicken breast fillet for a completely new and exotic chicken experience.

For burger lovers, the Island Fire Super SONIC® Cheeseburger is made with 100 percent pure beef patties, featuring smokey cheddar and pepper jack cheeses, crisp bacon, fresh lettuce, hand-sliced tomato and a sweet and spicy habanero sauce on a warm, toasted bakery bun. To satisfy cravings for spicy at all times of the day, SONIC is also introducing the new Southwest Chipotle Breakfast Burrito with smoked chipotle sauce and fire-roasted red and green peppers to help bring a little more spice to breakfast time. Along with the entire SONIC menu, the new spicy menu items are available all day, but only for a limited time. Try them as a combo with Tots and a Route 44 Green Iced Tea for one flavor-packed meal.


SONIC Gives Fries a Makeover - Introduces New, Natural-Cut Fries

SONIC's new Natural-Cut Fries are crispier, fluffier, and a "cut" above the rest


The choice between SONIC's Tots and Fries just got a whole lot tougher, as SONIC® Drive-In today announced the launch of its new Natural-Cut Fries. Made from whole russet potatoes, the new natural-cut, "skin-on" fry offers guests a higher quality fry with a crispy crunch to delight the senses. SONIC guests can now order the new Natural-Cut Fries at all participating SONIC Drive-In locations nationwide. Available as part of a combo or on their own, the new Natural-Cut Fries seek to challenge SONIC's signature Tots for mothe st popular side at the Drive-In. In developing the new Natural-Cut Fries, SONIC conducted extensive consumer research over the course of several months.

Test market research has shown that consumers score the new Natural-Cut fry higher than SONIC's original fries in all key taste attributes including quality, crispness, texture and overall product rating. "At SONIC, we constantly work to ensure that our customers are served delicious food using only the highest quality ingredients," said Chef Claes Petersson, vice president of product innovation at Sonic. "Fries are a staple at any quick service restaurant, so we have worked to create a natural-cut, skin-on fry that delivers lots of flavor while maintaining the crispy but fluffy texture our customers desire." Try SONIC's new Natural-Cut Fries as a combo with any SONIC order for one flavor-packed meal, or snack on them any time of day with a delicious Cherry Limeade.


About SONIC, America's Drive-In

SONIC®, America`s Drive-In®, is the nation`s largest chain of drive-in restaurants with more than 3,500 drive-ins serving approximately 3 million customers every day. Over the past 60 years, SONIC has delighted guests with signature menu items, more than 1 million drink combinations, friendly service by iconic Carhops and ongoing support of education through its award-winning Limeades for Learning® program. SONIC received top honors as America's #1 burger quick service restaurant in the 2013 Temkin Experience Ratings report.

For more information about Sonic Corp. (NASDAQ/NM: SONC) and its subsidiaries, please visit Customers can also connect with SONIC at or on Twitter @sonicdrive_in.


My Thoughts

I was sent a gift card for my family and I to enjoy a meal from Sonic in exchange for sharing the latest updates and information. We decided we would stop at the Sonic on Airline Hywy in Kenner, LA for our meals. We tried the Who Dat burger meal with tots along with an order of cheese cake bites. Now generally I don`t have too many issues with Sonic, at least not the one closer to our house, but this time was an aweful experience. Rather than the usual couple minutes of wait time, we were there literally 30 minutes and I`m not talking about the time included to take us to decide what to order, but how long it took for the lady to actually take our order and deliver. Of course, her not so pleasant attitude didn`t help too much either. I figured maybe they just had to cook it up and it`d be fresh. Nope. When the meal came to us the Who Dat burger had a napkin like material stuck to it that said Who Dat - which is not edible! If it is, it tastes like napkin!! Aside from that, the burger was great.

Next up was time for the tots. Well, these didn`t look much like tots this time around. They looked more like hash brown dumped into the cup. Seriously?! Not to mention they weren`t very fresh or hot on top of that! Now if we had been sitting there eating I would have requested a refund or new food, but we got our order to go on our way out that day so of course there wasn`t much we could do about it. Finally, it was time for the Cheesecake bites. Now these I absolutely love and fell in love with the last time I had a partnership with Sonic. Of course, I had also went to the Sonic closest to my home and had a great experience. Well, I WAS enjoying these until I was about to eat my last bite when I found a short black hair ON my bite!! Ewww!! Now before you say it could be mine - no one in our household has black hair with the exception of the cats, who were not in the vehicle and it was quite obvious that it wasn`t cat hair. Seeing that completely ruined the cheesecake bites and my meal for me.

Needless to say, I had a HORRIBLE experience with Sonic this time. The not so fresh food, the rude-attitude waitress, the hair in the food, the mushed tots, the long wait (when there wasn`t many people to begin with).... it just wasn`t what I expected and honestly wish I could get a refund! Cold mushed food with hair is an absolute no-no in my book and a great way to lose customers.