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SONIC just added the Soft Pretzel Twist to their menu. Available for a limited time only, this savory warm snack is a golden-brown pretzel, buttered and sprinkled with granular salt and served with a Signature Cheese Sauce for dipping. This is perfect for this Mardi Gras weekend while hitting the parade route or for any other time for a quick bite or on the go!
product review
As some of you already know, I'm a pretty big fan of Sonic and I seriously get excited when they have new things on the menu. Sometimes they're a hit, sometimes they're a far-off miss. This time I tried their new Pretzel Twists - a deliciously salty and addicting snack! These are not offered in different flavors, but honestly, you won't be disappointed. I tried mine both with and without the cheese sauce and decided they were more enjoyable using the cheese sauce. I had made an order of just two of the twists and it seemed like there wasn't much there, but I honestly felt stuffed by the time I was done with the second twist. So they're actually rather filling. As I said in the beginning, these are great with all the Mardi Gras parades happening this weekend, for a quick snack, or just for a quick bite while you're out on the go. They come out warm and soft. The salt is not overpowering at all - more of a nice flavor. For reference, I'm not one who usually enjoys salt unless on pretzels or french fries (just to give an idea of my taste buds).
Needless to say, I had a pleasant experience at my local Sonic and an even better experience with my meal! Seriously, finger licking good! I was very pleased to get fast and friendly service as well. 
If you're looking for something new to try, Sonic is the place to go! Don't wait, these new menu items are too good to let slip by!