SONIC Drive-In’s new menu addition will make all cookie lovers go crazy! Just in time for SONIC Summer Nights, guests can try SONIC’s new Cookie Jar Shakes for half-price every night after 8 p.m. This delicious new shake comes in flavors that will please every taste bud out there: Chips Ahoy® Choco Chunky Chocolate, Oreo® Caramel, and Nutter Butter® Banana.
SONIC's New Cookie Jar Shakes Creates a Sippable Sensation.jpg
product review
Guess what our family decided to enjoy last night?! The NEW COOKIE JAR SHAKES!! I opted to go for the Nutter Butter® Banana while my husband decided to give the Chips Ahoy® Choco Chunky Chocolate a try. When I say these things are delicious, I mean they are absolutely DELICIOUS
The flavor of the shakes really stood out, but was not overpowering or too much. Each had it's own unique flavor and didn't taste "the same" as I have experience with other places in the past. You know, you go to try different flavors to find they taste virtually the same type thing? Not with these!  These are a perfect treat and most certainly addicting. If I'm being honest as well, they are also pretty filling, too! Plus, there wasn't a long wait time to get them. We were able to order and get our shakes freshly made and out to us in only a few minutes. A great customer service experience at my local Sonic and a super (addicting) delicious frozen treat! Definitely perfect for the warm/hot weather days -- a great way to cool off! Yes, you have got to try this one out!