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This is an ongoing review which I just have not posted/will not post until we have officially moved into our new home, which is far, far away from this rat hole! As many of my loyal readers know, if I write a review on something without it being from a sponsor, I either love it or I really hate it. For Sponsored posts I write my honest feelings and if I really do not like their product I will tell them so and not even post it up on here, unless of course they still want the feedback published. With that being said, here we go!

Outside apartment building

In October of 2010 my fiance and I got an apartment together. We browser around a few places and one of those places was Parc Fontaine Apartments. When looking into the place, at first glance it seemed like a nice peaceful place to live, hence why we chose to move into the complex in the first place. Plus, compared to other apartments, the rates didn`t seem bad. In fact, they seemed very nice. We paid $740/month for a 2 bedroom/2 bath, 1100 square feet, 3rd floor, non-updraded apartment. Upgrades were not available for newbies, but you could be put on the waiting list after being a resident for 3 months. Basically just new counter tops and washer/dryer hook ups inside the apartment.

Elizabeth was the name of the lady who we stayed in touch with during our application process, showed us around, etc. We asked the basic questions such as: "Is it a quiet area?" "Do residents seem to be long term or come and go?" Things of that nature. The answers I received were that it`s quiet and they never have any problems, Most of their tenants are there for the long term, If there are any problems simply call maintenance and they come in to do the repairs in a timely manner (emergencies are taken care of that day, etc). To add to her being kind and sweet we were insured that the maintenance people also are finger printed and a log is kept for when they do enter any apartment and if we chose to only have work done while we were there then let them know and there would be no problems. Wow! Seemed like a nice place! So we set a move in date, scheduled a day to rent a moving truck and boy were we excited!

Laundry room/fitness center (only has 1 piece of equipment!)
October 25, 2011

The evening before we were expected to move in we got a phone call that the apartment would not be ready until 3pm due to them installing some new counter tops and such. Ok what?! We had already paid for the truck and had it picked up by this time so there was no returning the truck to pick up later. It was paid for and that was that. So that majorly cut down on the time we had to move things out. We call around 3pm, the time we were supposed to meet up to sign the paper work. Elizabeth does not even have our lease papers ready for us! Now we`re getting annoyed because this date was set and agreed on. You wait until the last minute to tell us this, I have the cable guy ready to come do the hook ups and install everything, but these people were so irresponsible that its was 4pm before we were even able to sign anything!


Once everything was agreed and signed for we went ahead to make the payment. Any DECENT place would have knocked off the cost due to their lack of being ready on THEIR part, but this place? Nope! We still had to pay the full move in cost for that day, even though we didn`t get to actually start moving our stuff in until it was dark. Yes, because we still had to do a walk through and everything. Oh yes, don`t let me forget to tell you about our walk through! It was quick because the cleaning  lady was just starting to finish up in there. Quick glance, all seemed nice, clean, etc. So approximate time that we were done with what we had to to start actually moving in? 5pm-ish!

Living Room

Yes, it is pretty bad when come move in day and you`re already having these many problems. But of course we already paid for the truck, everything was packed so we figured we`d still give them a chance because surely they would make up for it. After all, Elizabeth was very apologetic. Oh by the way, did I mention that if you want covered parking (which is not right next to the apartments) you have to pay an extra $10/month. Nothing special about them, just an ugly metal roof on top of metal poles. Yes, your car will still be wet if it rains!

{ NOVEMBER 2011 }

The problems really begin to start. The inside of the cabinets were sticky from the start. I figured because we had first moved in that it was due to just being cleaned and needed to be left alone. After moving in you receive a few days to write down any issues you have to bring to the attention of maintenance so they can solve the issue and it`s not put on you as your problem. So we began making note of things:

  1. Sticky cabinets
  2. The cabinet shelf was lose due to a missing piece that holds the shelf up
  3. The drawer handle was off + missing a screw
  4. The piece that opens the blinds on the windows was missing
  5. The front bathroom didn`t flush correctly
  6. The paneling along the bathtub in the master bath was falling off (but it was hidden because it`s in the corner and you can really only tell when the door is closed)

So I had called up the maintenance to make note of these issues. Well before they would fix anything I had to turn the paper in with the problems I found. Ok, but I wasn`t fully done looking at everything.. my number one issue was the toilet not flushing right.  Well eventually someone came, changed the flapper. All was nice. They also replaced one on of the pieces missing on the cabinet shelf so it now didn`t rock back and forth when items were placed on it.

{ Terrible Maintenance Man }
 November 11-14ish 2011

A week or so later I opened Sophias blinds. I usually work a crazy schedule so this was really one of the first times I had home during the day with her where we could just open the blinds and enjoy the sun in her bedroom. I noticed that were was a crack in the window of glass missing. The way it appeared you can tell it was not from anything from the inside of the home and nothing tore through the screen from the outside. So most likely old age or something happened a while back and they only replaced the screen. Who knows. Either way air, water, anything, could just come through the crack. Worst of all, Sophia could have potentially got in the window and seriously injured herself. It was about 3:30pm when I called Maintenance on a Friday. I was told I`d have to wait until Monday to have someone come take a look at it because of course they only do emergency work on the weekend. Well their maintenance is open until 5pm on a daily basis, so I do not see why I had to wait until Monday for them to get one of their lazy staff members to come take a look. No, they were not busy at the time, they simply didn`t feel like doing the work because they would soon be getting off work to go home. Monday rolls around and a Hispanic maintenance man knocked on the door. By this point we also needed the front bathroom toilet checked out again because once again it wasn`t flushing right. Now this is the incident that really ticked us off the most --this maintenance man. First he looks at the toilet. Holds the flusher down until the water drains and tells me "see it works". I straight out told him that it is not supposed to work like that, it was not working like that, and I wanted it fixed. He noticed a child uses the bathroom and some pull ups in the trash. He then proceeds to question if toys or pulls ups or anything was placed in the toilet. I said no. He wasn`t asking just in general, which I wouldn`t have minded, because it`s a fair question. The problem here is that he kept repeating the question in a very De-meaningful way saying comments such as "yea well you would be surprised what I find", "You don`t know what kids put in the toilet", "I think there`s a toy or pull up in there". If only you could have heard his tone he had with me and the way he was looking at me. Basically the man was VERY rude and disrespectful. Yes, I look young, but I`m a young adult, not a little teenage girl that I appear to look. I`m also not stupid like he was trying to make me out to be. From there he did not even bother trying to plunge the toilet or use a snake to try and check for a clog. He later admits that the toilet is just old and needs to be replaced --and still does need to be replaced.

You can see the broken glass, no brake in the screen though

Next up, the broken window. Upon looking at the window this man proceeds to ask me if I mind him putting tape over the window. I questioned him asking if this was to be the fix for it? He said yes. I said I pay rent here and I am NOT going to pay rent for a broken window which I did not do. He said he could tell no one in here did it, but he did not know how he was going to fix it because we`re on the 3rd floor. I once again tell him that I will not be paying to live somewhere with a broken window and it needs to get fixed. He says he will have to order the glass and have someone come install it because he does not know how to do it. Ok fine, whatever. On his way out I mentioned the dishwasher also did not work right. When you wash you can see clearly particles of dirt and sand collected into any container that holds water. Surely this means it does not work right considering my dishes never contained any sand or dirt, just food. Not to mention I`ve used various dish washers and have NEVER had this problem. His solution? He turned on the hot water by the sink in the kitchen. He told me to run the dish washer again so he could see how the dishes looked. I just showed him the ones that were in the washer at the time of telling him about the issues. He did not bother to look at any wiring or anything that has to do with the dishwasher. And simply says he doesn`t know.  Ummm... ok... if you do not know then clearly you shouldn`t have the job as the maintenance man. Because I can easily go around and say "I don`t know, call someone else" if they want to pay me to do so!

{ Window Repair --WITHOUT NOTICE }
This is what I came home to the next day from the window. No maintenance man to be found for a good few minutes!

The next morning I woke up, got Sophia dressed and ready for school. Brought her to school. It was just before 8am when I got home from dropping her off that I discovered that maintenance was being done on my apartment. Ok, why?? I was expecting no one, especially at that hour. Nobody had notified me to be entering. Rules clearly state that UNLESS ITS AN EMERGENCY tenants should be notified prior to entering the apartment, unless of course I called in for a repair. We were told we would be NOTIFIED when the glass came in so it could be repaired. So  how is it the next morning someone has entered my apartment, no notice, and began the repair work prior to when the office even opens?? I came in, there was no notice on my door. The notice was on my table (which there are supposed to fill out and leave on the door and sign). Nothing of course was filled out on it. I go and look and the broken window had been busted out. Glass everywhere. It`s not a large piece of glass that needs to be replaced either, just a small pane. Come to find out who`s doing the repairs? Mr Hispanic maintenance man who was complaining he didn`t know how to do it! Oh the same one who had to order the glass and would notify me when it came in! So that leaves me to question:

  1. Why was someone doing work in my apartment before hours?
  2. Why didn`t he leave a notice on my door that work was being done?
  3. Why wasn`t the note thats supposed to be left of whos doing the work and such get filled out?
  4. Why was anyone in my apartment for a non-emergency without my concent?
  5. Why was the window busted out without him in there?
  6. Why didn`t he bring all the tools with him prior to starting the repair?
  7. If he had to order the glass and it was the afternoon, how did he have it and starting the repair before 8am the NEXT morning?

So this leads me to believe that he was most likely going to steal something (if he hadn`t already). He lied about the glass and he also lied about not being able to fix it based off everything.  Not to mention, the window pain doesn`t sit right in the window, so it`s actually not even properly placed in or fixed. There`s a huge gap between the glass and metal. All on the other pains the glass and metal actually touch! When all was said and done and he left, I actually found small pieces of glass in the carpet around the window. This was a toddler`s room! The work and clean up itself was so careless and thoughtless!

Unfortunately my camera didn`t capture it, but that`s the repair job. A bit sloppy, but even worse is the window is not placed how it should be.

Did I mention there is also a well defined crack in the window sil of the same window area in the room?? And the screen is a bit popped off? I mean while we`re at it might as well spill it all about the place!

Look closely, you will noticed the screen is a bit pulled out
Defined crack right under the window in Sophia`s room

So after this we called the front office to complain how this happened. It was a violation of not only our privacy, but a violation of them entering without notice for basically no reason at that point. What did the front office do? Absolutely nothing saying we had a work order placed so they have the right to enter. We told them how we were told we would be given notice and the fact that the glass had to be ordered, there was no way we were expecting it to be the next day, let alone before 8am! Before they even open their office! We got a half-ass "sorry" and that was it. The front office was just as unhelpful as mr maintenance man. So we went ahead and called the big head of the apartment complex, Shadow Lake.

Water from a leaking dish washer that was never repaired. The leak actually happened after Mr Hispanic maintenance man left and said he didn`t notice anything wrong. Hmmm...

They seemed to care a bit more. In fact, the lady was rather nice and agreed to do a walk through with us as we showed them our collected complaints at that time and how the "repaired window" wasn`t repaired at all. We made a time and date and that was that. When the day came that we showed them around they seemed very friendly and understanding, which was comforting with how frustrated we were at the time (and still are might I add). So at the end of viewing everything she said let them know when they could come in and do the repairs, they would replace the dishwasher, toilet, etc. Basically fix it up RIGHT. Also during this visit we come to find out that we were supposed to get an ID of some sort to show we are residents here. Something we were never told about and still have not gotten til this day (over 2 months later at this current time). Well we told them due to our work schedule we would only be available on weekends because during the week we are not home during their office hours. We also made note that we absolutely do not want any maintenance member in our home when we are not there after the last incident. With everything that had happened you would think they would be willing to make a one time courtesy or something to repair everything over the weekend. Of course, that was not an option and if we wanted the repairs on a weekend then we would have to pay for them. So you mean after all this back and forth drama with this place you`re not willing to try and make things right on your part? After this, we got ourselves a real estate agent and began looking for a real home and out of this dump hole.

{Problems Throughout Our Stay}
 Starting December 2011-Current time at apartment

Being I am writing this throughout our time here I will note some more issues I have discovered along the way. Such as today (1/31/2012) I found a notice in our mail box to pick up a letter from the post office, no return sender information. It was addressed to both my fiance and myself, which sort of gave us a hint of who it could have possibly been, especially since neither of us actually receive mail here except bills that belong at this apartment. We waited 20 minutes just to get a letter from the maintenance crew about the repairs. I would like to know why they couldn`t just stick that to our door like they do anything else? Or better yet, why not put it in our mail box itself rather than making us go to the post office? We made it clear to them that we were only available on the weekend for the repairs. If they do not want to do the work when we are available because of THEIR mistakes and lack of knowledgeable staff, then they just have poor customer service. Which is the whole reason we have no intentions of staying here. It`s also quite funny that the same day I get this letter in the mail is the same morning I have a flat on my tire. With such unprofessional behavior, I have enough reasons to think a member of this apartment complex had something to do with it. Unfortunately I have no proof on that.

This is AFTER the main hallway has been cleaned, if I get a chance I`ll post when they have trash throughout!

On a regular basis you find trash in the hallways, and I mean TRASH BAGS full of trash. This is supposed to be against policy, but I had yet to see anything done about it. The hallway is also filthy and smelly. Of course this can be blamed on the people who live here as well. You will also find well defined cracks in the stair well, which appears to be due to foundation problems. The back gate, which was supposed to be of a great convenience when it comes to leaving, never works. On the rare occasion that it is "fixed" it is usually broke again in less than a  week. Which I do not understand why they have to keep it forced shut rather than open. I mean they do have a "guard" at the front gate, but when it does work people drive through it anyway (its supposed to be exit only) and nothing is done. Parking wise is horrible. Because they seem to have more and more people "sneaking" people in to live with them,  I`m finding that getting a parking space is ridiculous. It was not like this at first. And during the day it`s rather empty. At night though, beware. No spaces near your apartment are open. Also, you have to watch out for the cars that park in other spaces that are not made for parking. And I mean if you`re pulled into a parking space, another car will be parked behind you, blocking you in. The best part? No one to call to have this problem solved at late hours! While Parc Fontaine advertises that you can call 24/7, the fact of the matter is you can`t reach anybody and nobody will call back til the next day anyway. So I hope there is no emergency when you`re blocked in! On their web site it is advertised to have a "fitness center". Well I guess this depends on what your version of a fitness center is because this place has a total of two pieces of equipment. One is a treadmill which you must PAY to use (yes, even if you`re a resident you have to pay!) and then another piece of equipment which is BROKEN! So about the only thing you will be working out is... well your nerves! Looking to take a nice relaxing shower when you get home from a hard day of work? Well you better make it quick because the hot water runs out QUICK and I do mean quick! There`s no relaxing, you`re simply in and out. Of course, that`s if you don`t have to worry about the water being turned off. I`ve received notices on a regular basis since moving in about water being turned off. When I say regular basis, I mean a couple to a few times out of each week, practically every week. Usually these notices are given the day before, but of course there are the occasional ones you get on the day of at the time of or AFTER the fact. Thanks for the heads up jerks! Which brings me to the next issue with the water: Water Pressure! Yup, that`s right. The water pressure in the kitchen sink is horrible. At first it had a normal pressure, but of course that was short lived not too long after move in, as everything else began to fail. In fact, all you parents of babies in diapers or still using wipes, don`t flush them down the toilet! I used to put several down the toilet without thinking twice. I mean not a crazy amount, just a regular amount from cleaning Sophia. Once we moved in over here we really put the move on potty training and during the process she was in pull ups we still used baby wipes. Well let me tell you, ONE wipe does NOT go down the toilet! I did not try to flush several, I put ONE and it would NOT go down. So you can image how often general flushing doesn`t work very well. I`ll spare any pictures of that though! The closets are spacious. Wow! I said something nice about the place! BUT (you knew this was coming) the rack that hangs the clothes is pretty dumb. MOST places use a straight pole as your clothes rack. This place has little notches. And of course you can only hang like 3 pieces per little notch, and that`s squishing them. For most women, like myself, this will be a problem. Also, don`t expect the shelf to be fully straight, I`ve found notches in mine to make it uneven and just look junky. *See photo below*

Closet clothing rack, notice in a close up the shelf has a notch/bump in it.
{Falling Apart}

On a daily basis I am noticing more and more issues. Maybe it`s because of all the problems that I am easily noticing how poorly constructed the building is. For instance, there are very noticeable cracks along the ceilings in the bedroom. You can also see beams indented in the ceiling as if they are going to bust through at any time.

You can see the warping like something is putting pressure through our ceiling in the bedroom (we`re the highest level, no one is above the 3rd floor)
Clearly can see the crack in the ceiling
Enlarge to see the long crack trail on the ceiling
Crack in the corner of the room
Another crack/wrap appearing in another part of the room
Crack in the ceiling of Sophia`s room
Hole found in the corner of Sophia`s closet
Crack along the ceiling in the living room
Closer up of the crack in the living room
Crack along another wall along the ceiling in the front room
Cracks and warping above door way in master bedroom

The counter tops that are supposedly new (which was the supposed reason for delay of us getting into our apartment) are placed very unevenly and very noticeable, especially in the master bath.

Close up of the gap between counter top in bathroom
This shows a slight bit more how uneven the counter top is
Another close up of the uneven gaped bathroom counter top
This is the wonderful counter placement in the kitchen, see the big gap there?!
And another view of the big gap in the kitchen counter!

In the kitchen area they have laminate flooring (that`s supposed to look like wood, but looks rather tacky) which has a lot of buckling spots. You can also see this around the toilets and bathtubs. So either the flooring is old and needs to be replaced or someone did a horrible job installing it.

<ahref="" style="margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto;">
Spots such as these shows buckling in our flooring
Some are not even spaced together, you can see a bit of a gap beginning to happen in this one. Not so obvious until you take a closer look.

For convenience their is an elevator, but of course that usually breaks rather often too. Making you take the stairs which are usually covered in trash and lord knows what else. The paint jobs are horrible. They cover up little spots with paint and it`s very obvious where it`s been painted. There are clumps of paint drops. They even painted the bathtubs with straight out paint! How do I know this? Easy. Sophia`s bathtub we recently noticed the paint has been flaking and peeling away! She only baths in there, nothing crazy so this shouldn`t even be happening.

Shows how the plate was painted over, it`s not sealed shut anymore after much prying loose!
This would be a nail... painted over, with paint dried up in a large clump as you see
You can see the sloppy paint work they did
Paint is even stained on our blinds in the front room!

While we`re on the subject of paint, they also paint over screws, nails, face plates, etc. Places that shouldn`t be painted for either safety reasons or makes things difficult to open. Face plates for example shouldn`t be painted over  while they`re on the wall. If you paint on them that`s fine, just not while they`re on the wall, causing paint to get between the plate and the wall. This is for safety reasons. This place clearly just painted over any and everything!

Broken pieces on doors simply painted over rather than fixed/replaced --also another rusty nail painted over.
Rusty hinges, painted over to hide the rust rather than replace them
Rusty nail in bathroom mirror, most nails appear this way throughout the apartment
Look closely, it looks like they just slapped the bottom paneling on along the tub with all the bubbles/lumps!

Another issue I noticed, our oven doesn`t close all the way! It`s one one of those things you don`t really notice immediately because it`s not a huge gaping hole or anything. Just recently it felt as if the oven doors didn`t close as they should when fiddling around and cooking. Generally we eat out or go to one of our parents houses so we`re not using the oven too often to notice. Well of course the fiance asked why the light for the oven keeps going on and off. You know how the light goes off to let you know the oven has been fully heated? Well it switches on and off and that when I realized that the over door doesn`t actually shut all the way as it should. Really now?!

Shows the oven not fully closing
A bit closer up of the non-closing oven

Also, you will notice that the places for the doors to latch into when they close (sorry I don`t know these technical terms, but feel free to see the photos!) are placed on the door frame crooked! I mean really, how hard is it to at least get these on straight? Apparently here you need to be a genius to do it right!

the crooked door thingy!

On the mirror in the master bath, its quite obvious at some point the mirror was moved for whatever reason. My guess is it probably fell off the well based off everything else, but who am I to judge? Well moving it isn`t the issue. The fact that they left the holes from the screws clearly opened rather than sealing them up is. I mean it`s not an expensive fix and it takes away the trashy appearance!

You can see the clear open hole right below where the screw is

Something else about our oh so wonderful bathroom, you can see how they do a poor job with the pupping and such. Just look at it! They don`t seal  the facets up from around the wall leaving them fully exposed. On top of that, when you take a bath, the water leaks out. Not just because it`s past a certain point in the tub, but at any amount the drain leaks. As in the tub does not fully hold water! There goes my relaxing bath idea since I can`t do the long shower due to the lack of hot water!

close up of the bath tub facet gap
full view of the gap on the facet
This is the type of drain system we have in the master bath that leaks
A small gap at the shower head in master bath
Master Bath shower head, as you can see they taped up something rather than making a permanent fix or fully replacing anything.

On top of all that, when you open your blinds to most of the windows in the apartment, expect to see your window screens torn and like they were almost pulled off. Remember, I am on the 3RD FLOOR, so it`s pretty unlikely someone randomly decided to mess with my screen. Also, one of the windows doesn`t even have a tree by it so that really makes me wonder what happened.

Broken screen, also notice the crack running up the wall (master bedroom)
The beat up looking metal part of the window in the master bedroom
Broken screen in the living room

As an added annoyance, one of the windows in the front room you can feel the cold weather creeping through very well. Take a closer look and you will see that it appears the window is not installed correctly. How do I know? Well 1) I shouldn`t be feeling that much hot or cold coming through and 2) none of my other windows in here do that. Something else I noticed was in Sophia`s closet they have an electrical thing randomly hanging. Know what it is? The door bell thing. Really?! I don`t know how we never noticed this before, but yes, just obnoxiously hanging there. But what does it do that it`s not supposed to? When the bell rings it makes some odd noise. We had asked our contractor family member about this -- this is not supposed to do this.

The randomly hanging electrical thingy -- a.k.a. door bell thing
And a close up..

Not to mention this place is just all around dirty. One thing we did expect to have was a clean air filter put in. But of course when we were all sneezing like crazy I took a closer look and you could see nothing but clumps of dirt in ALL the vents and on top of that, the air filter was old and dirty. When we called about replacing the air filter, since it does say that IS part of maintenance job, they were trying to tell us we could just come get it and change it ourselves. I guess when we brought up that our lease states clearly that it is part of their job, they were more willing to do it.

All of our vents looked like this

Don`t look in the pool either. It`s nasty and hardly kept up. At this rate, even if I saw it clean, I would not go in it with how poorly they clean. If you look around the parking lot there is trash scattered everywhere. Dumpsters are over flowing. At night and even during the day you can hear a group of rodents running either in the attic or roof. Either way, you can hear them running all over. Ewww! Another thing I noticed, Brown dirty stains/mildew/rust like stuff in the toilets not too long after we moved in! As in, it was there prior to use moving in, yet it was supposedly cleaned. Talk about nasty! What did they do? Sweep the floors and vacuum?? Disgusting!

Discovered this while doing a regular house cleaning
Closer pic of the big stain mark
Additional findings in our toilet

Something that`s a bit odd (at least to me anyway) is the fact that the hot water heater is in the closet of the master bedroom closet. Ok, we could look past that. Well after a bit we looked closer and saw how the bottom is rusting. The pan around the hot water heater is broken. Just all around a horrible job on the apartment owners fault.

Hot water heater in the closet
Rusty bottom of the water heater
Broken pan around the water heater
A view of the carpet tearing, broken, rusty, dirty pan
Open exposed pipes from the water heater

And someone please tell me why my windows look filthy and mold like?! Rusty too. Gross!

The rusty rod in the window (not quite as visible in this photo, better if you enlarge it)
The "nice" spacing around the window
nasty moldy looking stuff around front window
Open gap by front window where you can feel any cold/hot weather easily coming through
molding looking junk around the window
You can see the black/moldy stuff on various parts of the window, slowly spreading
Among ALL the other problems I`ve been posting in this one huge blog post I have some more to add to our list! We already know how poor the windows and insulation are already, but we just found out how bad they really are! The windows were soaked down in water and left HUGE dripping puddles of water in ALL the windows in our room. Were the windows open? Nope. They were all closed up. So how did this occur? Simply for having the temperature set between 70-75 degrees when it`s 40 degrees outside. Some condensation on a window, NORMAL. Huge water puddles and soaking wet water... not normal. We`ve had colder temperatures and the heater set higher at points in various homes/apartments and NEVER had to deal with this.  To make things more dangerous, they also have electrical sockets located by these windows that are in use (or were) which could have ended up in a disaster.
Water collected in the window
How soaked the window is, looks like we dumped a bucket of water on it ourselves.
Water dripping from top of window
Puddle of water in the window (other window)
Another view of the puddle of water
You can see all the water spread in the window
Next up, OUR STOVE CAUGHT ON FIRE!! We were cooking Mac & Cheese, getting the noodles boiled. Nothing crazy. A simple meal that we have cooked a million times. Generally we keep our stove top clean, so we have no idea how the top of the range (the bottom right) burner just all of a sudden caught flames. If we would have stepped off just to even go to the bathroom this could have been a life threatening/dangerous situation. Luckily because we were right there we were able to use a towel to smoother the fire and get it to go out and caused no danger and no one was hurt. This is an electrical stove so no flames come out. What we think? The apartments are known for super cheap fixes... so if it`s not a super cheap stove, maybe it`s had problems before and never actually got repaired. At least, based off our history with them, we`re pretty confident with that answer!
Our burnt burner (it`s supposed to be a silver pan, not black)
Close up
Also, another new discovery, people stealing cable OPENLY! I knew people steal cable on a regular basis. But what really got me was the fact upon coming home a man had stopped to ask me if I wanted cable for free. I would never get a bill and it`s "100% safe". I told him I had cable and I`m fine and moved on. It`s just crazy how open they are about installing illegal cable! Of course, at the time it was just Sophia and I so it could have been just an act for him to get into my apartment. Still, just some added icing on the cake.
By this point we complained several times about the lack of parking spaces (as in NO spots, even the illegal parking spots are gone now!). These spaces are full of people who do not live at the apartment nor have tags. I believe I touched on this subject before. According to the apartment it is a "first come, first serve basis". Well, that`s great, except we`re not talking about a particular spot, we`re talking about parking in general and how being residents we are not getting parking spaces anymore due to people illegally allowing others to live/stay with them for extended periods of time. I`m sorry, but I pay to live here therefore I think I`m allowed to have a place to park! Of course, any decent apartment complex would send out notices or something in an attempt to resolve such on going issues, but not this dump!

Today (2/19) we are having issues with our dishwasher seriously leaving again. We put them in the dishwasher just as we normally do, same soap tabs we have been using. Got a wonderful leak on the floor. Of course I added a photo.

Leaking dishwasher, yes it was sealed the correct way, nothing new, just a leaking piece of junk!

Also, last night (2/18) there were firetrucks and cops all over. I found out from a cop buddy of mine that there was a domestic violence dispute of a couple stabbing each other. Not sure exactly which apartment unit it was in, but the cops were walking around our building. They simply could have been looking for someone or it happened in our complex. Who knows. How comforting though right?! By the way, check your fire extinguishers! The last time ours was inspected was October 2001! Are you kidding me?! It`s been over a decade since it`s been checked?!? These things are recommended to be checked at least once a month or more often in severe environments (Reference Site for fire extinguisher inspection). At least have the decency to inspect it between tenants! Good thing we didn`t need it when our stove burner caught fire. Don`t worry, we`ll be calling one of our close friends who`s actually the chief of the fire department. Give them a heads up on this!

Fire extinguisher
Notice, the last time marked for an inspection is October 2001... OVER A DECADE OLD! This is NOT safe!

Oh yea, and an update with Sophia`s pealing bathtub. I added a photo of all the paint I have to scoop out EVERY night she has to take a bath. You would think it would gradually be getting to be a smaller amount to clean out, but of course it`s not. We also noticed the tub in our bathroom is in the beginning stages of pealing up as well. I`ve had the same tub prior for YEARS and NEVER had this problem. It`s really quite disgusting if you ask me!

Those white flakes are the paint I have to scoop up every bath time, it`s actually worse than it looks in the photo, this pic just doesn`t show ALL the paint specs.
The infamous peeled paint scooper! You can get one around Halloween time at McDonalds with a happy meal. No longer just a kids toy, it`s a must have at these apartments!
2/20 --Guess who just got an annoying early morning phone call at 9am on her day off from these apartment people?! Yea, I`m obviously not very thrilled. They call to tell me not to use the kitchen sink for the next few hours or until they call because they are replacing leaking pipes. I guess this makes me mad because of all our repair issues they never fixed for us, but then want to ask me not to do something?! It`s more annoying that I have things to do and they don`t give any advance warning, it`s immediately. So you`re saying you don`t give any notification of not using my sink?!? That means no cooking anything involving water or washing the dishes, which was about to be done in the next 20 minutes, but have to be held off. This is more of an annoyance with all the B.S. this place has. The staff is so rude when having to deal with them. Another reason I dislike this place. On top of that, they NEVER call my phone, they always call my fiance`s phone (at least call him FIRST). He has gotten NO calls, they keep calling my phone and from multiple numbers. Really?!

2/23 (Morning Hours) -- The maintenance crew working in our hall begins ringing the doorbell in an obnoxious manner. Because I am not expecting company and not properly dressed, I ignore answering the door. Besides, I figured if it was important they could ring the phone and leave a message or something, not act like fools with the doorbell.  A few minutes later they knock on the door a few times in an obnoxious way. Really?! Once again I ignore it. Seems they left it alone, but it really is upsetting at how their way of getting in touch with tenants is to ring the doorbell in the manner a toddler would and beat on the door like they`re ready to break it down. Yes, I am POSITIVE it was the maintenance crew. You can see them through the peep hole in the door. Well at least through the parts of it that they didn`t paint over on the outside! The crew was apparently working on something across the hall though because all you could hear all morning was loud yelling back and forth from them, walkie-talkies going off from other staff members, and the loud rolling of their stolen shopping carts which they use throughout their daily duties. Hey Winn Dixie, Rite Aid, and Walgreens! Are you missing any carts? Come check over here!

{MARCH} Last month! Finally!


Huge temp gap if you ask me!


It`s the last month until we`re out of this dump and into a house. What else other than that long list could go wrong? Well walking in from work today (3/21) it was FREEZING! The temp was set about 72 degrees-ish, the actual temp was 55!! Ok, fan was set to on rather than auto. Still a HUGE gap from how it should be, especially when it`s not cold out. It`s actually hot! Ok. 2 hours later after turning the HEAT on and raising the temp to 80 to speed up the warming up... ICE COLD air is blowing out of the vents. We go off to eat dinner and come back 2.5 hours leaving the air turned off. It`s still FREEZING! We go to call the "24 hour maintenance line" which nobody answers and doesn`t even send us to voicemail. Yea, what "great" service! So we do some investigating ourselves and look at the air condition. The board under the unit has mold and mildew on it. The air conditioner is dripping from condensation because the unit is FROZEN over. Wires are hanging from it. Last I checked wires and water are not a good mix?!? Not to mention the rusted pipes! So we called a family member who knows about this stuff. We defrosted the unit with a hair dryer to see if that helps. Within 5 minutes after we finished it was frozen solid again. Yes, this would be great if I wanted it freezing, but considering I can`t get the temp I want, NO THANKS!


The air condition unit, notice the rusty pipes, electrical wires that are hanging around dripping wet pipes without any sort of safety protection from the water... not safe!
Close up of one of the condensation pipes with dust-collected electrical wires sitting on it
Rusty pipes for the air conditioner
Frozen ice coming off... the metal parts are actually frozen too but you can`t really tell with camera pics. But the white stuff is ICE! --this is after 2 hours of trying have heat and only getting ice cold air coming out... guess that explains it...
Ice and Dust... see more dust than ice in this...
Again, great if I had AIR on NOT the HEAT on.
The mold/mildew board under the air condition unit.. nice to know THAT is circulating through our vents!
**Within 24 Hours Later** The next evening of coming home from work we began hearing this odd noise. We go look in the bathroom where the air condition is DRIPPING water. More like a heavy drip. Once again remove the moldy board cover and we notice that our air condition is COMPLETELY frozen over. We thought it was bad the night before, this was a solid ice, clearly visible and thicker. We then shut off the breaker to the air, the only way to get it completely off since the "off button" on the thermostat still left cold air coming out. We called the "24 hour maintenance" line and left a voicemail stating if anybody didn`t come repair this that evening we would call our own person and have them bill the apartment. We did this due to the fact they are good for not returning calls til the next afternoon if at all. The line is supposed to be 24 hours! Then again at times you don`t get the chance to get to a voicemail either, you`re just left hanging! Regardless of the fact, within about 5 minutes we got a call back stating how we can`t call someone blah blah blah. The guy that came out was actually intelligent (for once -- figured I`d give honest credit where it`s due) & was friendly. In all honestly it was dark and late and he couldn`t go on the roof. Fair enough. So we were supposed to get someone to come out the next day. We`ll of course they wait til mid afternoon to get in contact, long after we`re not home. If we knew for a fact it would have been the guy who attended to us the night before we would have allowed him in for the repairs. But because we were not guaranteed that we wouldn`t let them enter. So due to the fact I wouldn`t be home til around 5, they stated they couldn`t do the repair until Monday (That was Friday) and of course during their business hours, by 4pm. Yea, great, considering we both have schedules keeping us from being home and with the untrustworthy staff I guess we`ll just keep having to deal with this -- thank goodness it`s only a few more days!
Water dripping from air condition
That is ICE on the air condition!
That is frozen ice coming out the piping (the bright white to the right of the plastic pipe)
The magnet we were given when we moved in with their so called 24 hour maintenance line
Another thing. Remember at the beginning I mentioned our move in time was delayed due to "new" counter tops? Well, we realized they aren`t new. Maybe they had to replace them. Who knows. Bottom line, they`re not brand new. Another lie on the apartments end to cover themselves! Something else we discovered in Sophia`s room. The shelves in her closet -- not stable. As in they`re just sitting there. Not nailed down, screwed, or anything. You have got to be kidding me. In a closet in a spot that things are stored?! This should be secured down! Randomly sitting up in bed I had also noticed just how un-level the complex is. I noticed our armoir completely leaning to the right. I thought I was going crazy. But then again we knew how bad it was when Sophias little scoop bucket with some bath water fell off the side the tub. What would normally make a small puddle streams OUT the bathroom and down the hall towards the kitchen in a nice river flowing manner. 3/29-- By the way, those of you considering purchasing a home BEWARE of Parc Fontaine. We just found out that we nearly lost our credit loan due to them writing a derogatory letter about us. Why? For not allowing maintenance into our home when we`re not here?! Because that`s about the only thing we`ve done. We`re actually looking into getting copies and seeking legal advise on this matter so I won`t discuss it any further on here. So keep this in mind -- another reason to avoid this crap hole! 3/30-- Upon moving out we talked to another lady down the hall who also moved out. She witnessed people slashing tires in the parking lot the night before! Not to mention we found a pile of cut up cigars and weed residue baggies sitting on the top of the stair well! We also found it quite convenient for the elevator to stop working in the middle of our move. Of course, we weren`t going to let that stop us! The stairs just gave us more of a work out to get the furniture down, that`s all!

{Overall - Stay away!} This place is makes the projects look like a beach resort! It`s a joke! Do NOT rent/live here! We paid our rent on time since day one and still got treated like dirt. We believe it`s just because they thought they could take advantage of a "young couple" and thought we didn`t know any better. If that`s the case, they were sadly mistaking. Young, yes. Dumb, no! Maybe they`re just that terrible with business. Either way, their business practices are highly unethical and rather childish. This company care more about their money than satisfying their tenants or making things right. It`s not just Parc Fontaine, although this place is horrible, it`s Shadow Lake itself as well. That maintenance man who entered our home without our consent or permission is still working here without any disciplinary action taken, even though we were told other wise. I still can`t believe they gave us the excuse that "maybe he was just trying to help" --being in there before office hours after lying about having to order a part! The walls and insulation are horrible, but to give credit where it is due that is any apartment from what I understand. The walls are so paper thin you can hear foot steps on the bottom floor from the top floor. There are tons of drug deals going on throughout the property and is completely over looked -- as in not child/family friendly. Not only that, but you can smell marijuana coming through the vents of your apartment at times as well. I mean when it is being done somewhere on the first floor and it`s coming through your vents as if it were being done right in your own apartment, something is wrong. Call to complain and nothing is done. While I`m all for everyone doing their own thing and not judging on that part, I don`t approve of it when it`s coming into my household and affecting my family, which I think we can all agree on. Do your hobby, but don`t make it where it involves others. I don`t enjoy it and don`t want my daughter exposed to that and shouldn`t have to. Fair enough right? Late at night you hear people running throughout the hallways and screaming. They throw things at doors and just all around being obnoxious. Again, filing any complaint does nothing. The worse of it is when you can hear an infant being abused on a regular basis at late hours of the night. For this, we actually ended up calling the police who actually did come out --more than the apartment or company would do. From there we do not know what happened, but again it`s ashamed. Luckily after the complaint we hadn`t had to call again. I don`t understand why this place bothers with background checks or even a "security gate". A lot of the people who live here have a much less than perfect background (when this place you`re supposed to have a clean background). Besides the fact that the "security guards" can`t do a thing if something were to happen or a car decides to just drive on through the gate. Seriously, all they can do is just watch the car drive on by! Talk about useless... more like having people just keep track of when their tenants enter and leave! The security gates themselves... there`s 2. Only one operates these days and again as I already said, nobody checks anything when people enter unless the car actually stops. But I am willing to bet if I gave you my gate code you would be able to punch it in and enter without any issues. After all, they aren`t there to actually provide security anyway and legally they can`t do anything to you. We were made very aware that there are no security guards on duty, but to rest assure if anything happens because there are cameras. Funny that there are no cameras in the hallway or in the parking area around my building. There is one in the elevator though and some by each entrance gate! Oh wait, I did see ONE in ONE of the stairwells in our building! So basically, if you`re going to do a crime choose the apartment hallways or parking lot because their cameras won`t catch a thing and at night there`s definitely poor lighting in the parking lot!

Better keep your door locked if you don`t want any maintenance people just popping in!

Thinking of living here? Don`t do it. It is not family friendly. It ia not child friendly. It is not safe. It`s poorly lite up at night with no security. The parking space is HORRIBLE, especially when non-residents can take up the spaces for days leaving the tenants screwed and nothing is done. You pay to live there, but can`t park? "Not their problem!" The leasing office will lie to it`s tenants and be as nice as can be when looking into moving in. Once you sign the lease, they drop you like a fly and don`t care anymore. Take it from me, we just hit the 3 months mark here on January 25, 2012 and already in the process of closing in on a house. We originally wanted to wait a year and save a bit more, but it`s not worth it. Besides, for the house which is bigger, safer, better insulated, we will only be paying $560/month as opposed to their outrageous price for the dump! $740 is great... until you realize you`re not even getting what you paid for! Go pay $800/month at the apartments down the road, I promise, they will be a lot better than here!

{ Other Reviews }
You can  read all their other reviews about them on Apartment Ratings! Very poor reviews!


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