As many of you know I went to go see the Twilight Saga Eclipse at the midnight releasing! Now I did not get any freebies in on this one for a review, but I love Twilight so much I had to share and support it! If you already saw it and you loved it, you can be one of the 1st to know when the dvd is/will be released on Amazon HERE by putting in your email address!


Of course, the books will ALWAYS be better... and this is coming from someone who does NOT like to read... at all (with the now exception of the Twilight series, which I cannot get enough of!). My opinion of the movie is that it was just WAAAAAY better than those before. It stuck with the book and used most of the lines from the book. Of course, you will never have the WHOLE book in there, that`s just impossible, but they kept the main parts that everyone was looking forward to there.Â

They started off the movie with some action, the process of Rylie becoming a vampire, rather than flying over the forest or a slow opening. It captures your interest from the very beginning and holds it through out the movie. I did notice the timing seemed to go by a bit fast, but not nearly as bad as New Moon. Don`t get me wrong, I loved New Moon, but there was a WHOLE list of things that were a disappointment in that movie, but thats a WHOLE other story there. I loved the lighting/coloration they used this go round. I also loved the scenery and screen shots used. Graphics were great! I was a bit disappointed the way they portrayed Bella though. It wasn`t horrible, but if you read the book you notice how much more she`s in love with Edward and wants him and needs him, where as in the movie she seems a bit... less loving I guess is the way to put it towards him. It wasn`t horrible, but just could have been a bit better in my opinion.

They didn`t show Alice "kid napping" Bella for the weekend and Bella leaving Edward that nice voice mail of being very angry with him for making her be "kid napped", but they did have Alice asking Charlies permission to allow Bella to stay the night because her family was going camping. The only difference is Alice set it up for Edward & Bella to be alone. So it did nice flowing in together since the kid napping deal had to be eliminated, probably due to timing of the movie. During that time they DID show the famous leg hitch everyone was worried about them leaving that scene out. In fact, they did an EXCELLENT job with that scene of those too "in the moment".

The tent scene was also included in the movie. It was funny! Although, I was a bit disappointed with them not using the "space heater term" as they did in the book, but they made up for it when Jacob told Edward that he is hotter than him. So that all evened out. When it came time for the Jacob/Bella kiss, I was disappointed that they didn`t show Bella having her thoughts of what it could be like with Jacob as described in the book, but the scene was still done great.

It may sound like a lot of disappointment, but honestly, it was THE BEST movie of the 3 out so far. It was a job well done and those are just things that I personally think would have helped make it even better. Either way, I can`t wait for the dvd to come out or another chance to catch it in the theaters!

Now I need to go read my Eclipse Movie Companion Book which I just recently received. I may or may not write a review on that one, we`ll see. To find more Eclipse Merchandise check it out HERE on Amazon! They`re marked at some real good deals right now!