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Always Keep Fighting Dandelion Infinity Arrow Anchor Tattoo
It`s not very often I write about myself and open up to my life on here, but I guess from time to time it would be okay - right? Well, here it goes...

There was once a time in my life that if you asked me about getting a tattoo I would have said there`s no way in hell I was getting one! Why?

I was afraid of the pain. I mean a piercing, at least to me, if you were to get one done the paid is pretty instant if any at all. You choose later on down the line you no longer like the piercing, you can take it out and the worst is a small scar from it. A tattoo, on the other hand, is forever. You can get cover-ups, you can get them `removed`, but a scar will most likely always be there (please correct me if I`m wrong on that as technology may have changed since I last heard of removal processes). So the thought of a tattoo can be scary, at least in my eyes, knowing it is forever. So you better like what you do, not get something because it`s what`s cool at the moment. Some people just like body art and that`s their choice, but my personal choice is that if I`m going to be permanently marked, it`s going to have a meaning behind it that won`t change. 

cat tattoo
My first tattoo (pictured above) was about 3 weeks ago to date of a black cat silhouette. Look familiar? If you look in my header/logo image you will see a black cat - just with the tail curling a different way. My reason behind this one?
I have a love and passion for animals. I always have  - especially for cats. I volunteer with Spaymart, a local cat rescue in my area and try and do my part, etc. So this one was fitting, it`s not big and gave me the first `tattoo taste`. Much to my surprise it didn`t hurt and wasn`t all the torture I expected and after completing my tattoo from Tattooagogo, a New Orleans Uptown tattoo shop on Magazine Street, I was ready for my next. Here 3 weeks later I had a carefully planned out tattoo that I designed because of the specific meanings behind them. Of course my design turned out to be a bit more fitting to use on the computer than a tattoo because of so much detail involved that the tattoo artist tweaked it a bit (otherwise it would have just looked like dots and blobs and just horrible!). So I do want to incorporate it somehow on my web site somewhere - but that`s another project for a different day. The picture at the very top of this post is my latest tattoo.

It`s an infinity arrow with the words "Always Keep Fighting" inside of it, which is inspired by the campaign Jared Padalecki is behind. Part of the infinity arrow goes into a dandelion with part of it blowing away which leads into 2 butterflies. Dropping from the infinity arrow is an anchor with a heart. Inside the heart is a semicolon which was inspired from Project Semicolon.

Here`s the breakdown of each image of what it all means for me: 

The infinity arrow:
an arrow can only be shot by pulling it backward so it`s a reminder about when life is pulling you back with difficulties to remember that you`ll eventually be launched into something better.

Since an anchor is what puts down roots deep into the sea to hold a ship in place, it has been associated with strength and stability. By this association the anchor can be seen symbolically as something that holds you in place and provides you the strength to hold on no matter how rough things what.

A semicolon is used when an author could`ve chosen to end their sentence, but chose not to. The author is you and the sentence is your life.

One to represent each of my children. Butterflies are also symbols of Love and Spirituality. The Greek word for butterfly is psyche, after the goddess Psyche, the goddess of the Soul. Psyche is often depicted with the wings of a butterfly and, according to Greek mythology, she fell madly in love and married Eros, the Greek god of Love, Desire, and Affection.

The dandelion is different from other flowers: considered ordinary and plain when compared to showier blooms like the rose and lotus, what the dandelion lacks in color and obvious beauty, it makes up for it with its unique geometry. Its distinctive look is what makes it irresistible as a child, and since most of us have blown a dandelion at some point, we know how amazing and magical it is to watch the fluffy dandelion seeds fly through the air. Even though they are common weeds, If you see one growing, you notice it and remember how the fluff flew when you blew on it. This is why the dandelion is a visual reminder of youth and joy. In a sense, the dandelion can be a symbol of life. It is a plain and unimpressive weed, nearly impossible to remove because of its spectacularly strong roots. Then, when it goes to seed, it is suddenly beautiful, fluffy and white, standing proudly above the grass and weeds. But then finally, one strong wind and its beautiful geometry is gone. The dandelion tattoo can remind you to enjoy every moment that you are blessed to have. It shows that life is both tenacious and delicate and we only have one chance to make the most of it. The dandelion can also be associated with hope and dreams that come true. Because when children blow on dandelion fluff, they close their eyes and make a wish. When they see a dandelion head, they are reminded of all the things they have and will wish for. Some of us are lucky enough to have our dreams come true. In such cases, the dandelion tattoo can be worn to symbolize how dreams came true.

Symbol of love, passion and adoration. It is also said that the heart is the source of all knowledge. As I said, this was a well thought out tattoo for me. Many people don`t know, but I have suffered from depression and can easily be emotionally depressed. So this tattoo has a very strong meaning behind it. Very little people know about this because it`s not something that is just talked about nor is it a comfortable subject to talk about. I`ve had horrible past relationships, including one of abuse. My biological father decided to up and disappear out my life - not returning phone calls and didn`t bother showing up to my wedding, let along even send a card. I`d say that`s the deepest wound of it all and can still bring me to tears if I let myself think about it. Basically proving I was just a pawn to hurt my mother during their nasty divorce battle when I was 4. I can say that since basically I was of age he no longer had to pay child support and `prove to be a good father` so I was dropped like it was nothing. I have a disconnect on my mothers side the family which is a whole other story in itself. Basically a lot of big things involving people and trust. While I do not always let this get to me, it`s buried deep down and can easily surface if the wrong cord is struck. For me, I don`t want to face it or talk about it - it hurts. My recent tattoo reflects on all that to make a reminder of being a stronger person and staying strong - always keep fighting. I hope you enjoyed a little peak into my life and what`s important to me. I`d love to hear about any tattoo you have - the story behind it, behind getting it, etc. Share in a comment below!


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