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Could the MeWe social network be your new Facebook alternative? MeWe is ad-free, has no spyware, and is a social network that is catching some buzz.
While I personally don’t think the mega Facebook empire is going anywhere anytime soon, I do understand that several of it’s members maybe leaving. For me, personally, it's the lack of freedom of speech. I generally don't post anything controversial or political. I like to keep things light, funny, inspirational, etc. on my personal page. For the Closet of Free Samples Facebook page, I simply like to post the latest money-saving offers. However, in recent years I've noticed the violations Facebook has issued for posts that were posted back YEARS ago. Yes, I've been in Facebook jail over OLD deal posts (usually supplements on sale or something along those lines).
While I understand that their terms have changed over the years, being penalized for the old stuff is what has me mostly bothered. That and not knowing if it's even safe to post certain things. You may notice I do not post health supplements, essential oils, weapons of any kind, etc type deals to Facebook these days and that is why. That includes kitchen knife sets - something that isn't promoting violence, but simple kitchen tools. But because I'm unsure if I will be penalized for that or not, I do not post there.
I do, however, still let my posts auto-feed through to the Closet of Free Samples Twitter pages along with many other deals that are generally limited time offers. This includes Amazon coupon codes! I used to post these a lot more on Facebook in my CFS Exclusive deals group, but I have even limited that posting just to be safe.
I have made a Closet of Free Samples discord page - although I must admit I really don't understand how to use it - as an additional alternative. Currently, I only have posts feeding through from my blog, but once people actually start joining, I plan to share the exclusive deals on there as well.
The thing is, Facebook knows how to keep you in. The algorithm was created to make you a Facebook addict. I've found that I'm more frustrated than relaxed on Facebook. I actually get more enjoyment from scrolling on TikTok! I like the variety of content AND the fact that there isn't as much censorship in my opinion. I mean, it is there, but not like how it is on Facebook.
So where does MeWe come into all this? Basically, it's a social network without all the b.s. 

What is MeWe Social Network?

MeWe is a social network, with a similar interface to Facebook. Created in 2016, founder Mark Weinstein founded the network at SXSW 2016. His vision was to create a next-generation social and chat app that would give people everywhere the most exciting and helpful sharing technology with privacy built into the design – where members would feel safe and respected. Built by Sgrouples Inc, MeWe offers many of the same features that you are used to on Facebook – with the exception of a few things.

MeWe Has No Ads or Spyware

Facebook is filled with ads and tracking. Their tracking extends far beyond just when you are on Facebook. Think about your Facebook app, messenger, etc. MeWe prides itself in not using spyware or ads. 

Similar Interface to Facebook

MeWe is to Facebook as Parler is to Twitter. The interface resembles Facebook and is easy to use. Like Facebook, MeWe has several of the social media features that you are used to logging on to access. There is chat, groups, pages, events, a timeline, and a profile. You can upload photos and videos to your profile to share. 
A popular Facebook feature is Facebook Groups. This allows conversation around a specific topic. MeWe groups are similar to Facebook’s. Though, do know that with a limited user base and sudden popularity, groups may not be as active. The typical moderation options are available when setting up a group on MeWe.
You can also create secret MeWe groups by selecting the private option when setting up the group. This means that a member will only be able to join by invitation only.

MeWe is Not Free (general access is)

FYI: I use the FREE account access! 
You know the old saying, there is no such thing as free? While you won’t find ads or spyware on MeWe, to do certain things and access certain features you will need to subscribe or buy virtual items. 
You know those rumors about Facebook charging you – come to find out Facebook doesn’t charge for its platform. While technically free – we all know that there is no such thing as free. The FREE is actually your data. MeWe makes money in a few ways, outside of the data and ad revenue model that Facebook uses. Here is how. 
There are several MeWe subscriptions that help support their business model. 
MeWe Premium:  For $4.99 a month, MeWe Premium is a monthly subscription allowing you access to more premium features on MeWe than their free plan.  MeWe Premium includes:
  • Video Journals for Your Stories
  • Unlimited Voice + Video Calling
  • Unlimited Custom Emojis + Stickers
  • Unlimited Custom Themes
  • 100GB of MeWe Cloud Storage
  • Premium Profile Badge
Yes, you can get those all (well minus a few features) for free on Facebook – but again, MeWe is ad-free, not supported by the ad model.
Voice and Video Subscription: For $1.99 a month you can get unlimited voice and video calling.
Page Subscription for Businesses on MeWe: Create a page to support your business for $1.99 a month. Have multiple businesses? You will need to pay that per page.  
Cloud Storage: The free WeMe membership comes with 8GB of cloud storage, but you can purchase an additional 50-500GB for anywhere between $3.99 – $14.99 a month.
In-App Purchases:  If you are using the MeWe app, here are the in-app purchases that contribute to how MeWe makes money.
  • Premium Promotion $4.99
  • MeWe Premium $4.99
  • Page $1.99
  • Dark Theme $1.99
  • Voice & Video Calling $1.99
  • Secret Chat $0.99
  • Secret Chat 5.99
  • Tier 1 Single Donation $4.99
  • Tier 1 Donation $4.99
  • Journals $1.99
Give to MeWe: Another way MeWe makes money is thru donations. These are not tax-deductible, but if you are feeling generous – give to MeWe.
Themes: Want your MeWe interface to look a certain way? Purchase a theme. These are $1.99 each. 
Emoji: Yes, for a pack of emojis (25-50 emojis per pack) it will set you back $1.99. (although they already have FREE emojis!)
Stickers:  Want a happy poo, peach life, woman power, unicorn life, smiley guy or such pack of stickers to post? Sticker packs range from free to $2.99.

MeWe is Known as the Anti-Facebook

A major reason that the MeWe social network is getting so much press is due to Facebook shutting down certain pages and groups. People have decided to try moving the conversation to MeWe groups to prevent being censored. There is a growing number of extremist groups joining anti-spyware social media networks. This by no means is an absolute to what the MeWe membership looks like but it is something that you should know.

MeWe is Growing But It’s Not For Everyone

Is MeWe growing? Yes, but don’t expect to see everyone move off of Facebook or other social networks. Facebook currently has 2.1 billion users. If someone you know isn’t on Facebook, it’s not because they haven’t heard of Facebook. If you like to connect with family, friends, old classmates, past coworkers, etc – the first place to look is going to be Facebook – at least for the foreseeable future. 

How to Sign up with MeWe

To register for a standard account, it’s free. Overall the MeWe signup process is simple. The only authentication was email authentication. Just click on the link in the email sent to the email account you signed up for your account with and you are registered. Make sure that you read the MeWe fine print (you should do this anytime you sign up for any account). 
The MeWe signup says that you need to be 16 years old for an account. There are no parental controls.

Download the MeWe App

While you can use the MeWe social network on both web and mobile, the MeWe app does offer additional features such as disappearing chat.
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