As fun as getting freebies is, it`s always a downfall to go to a post just to find out it`s been expired. I have well over 20,000 posts on my site since starting up so, unfortunately, going trying to go back and doing check-ups on expired posts just won`t be happening. Besides, if I did that I couldn`t keep you up to date on the newest posts.
So what can we do about this? My best source of information always comes from my readers. All I need you to do is a leave a blog comment if you come across an expired post! This will help out not only me but other readers! That way when I get the chance I can go back to the blog post and update it to state that it`s expired. It`s that simple and it`d help out a lot!
If you have any other tips or advice that you would like to share feel free to leave it in a comment below.