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Alrighty, I read a post on Rude Cashiers so I thought I`d share a post on rude customers. I`ve been thinking of making this post for the past week now & thought this would be a great time to do so. Now don`t get me wrong, there are some rude cashiers. We have all experienced them! For example:

  • I HATE when I`m being totally ignored by my cashier because he/she is too busy having a personal conversation to pay any attention to me.
  • I hate when I have to grab my own receipt or the cashier just straight out has an ugly attitude.
  • I hate when my cashier doesn`t tell me the total cost of my purchase.
  • I hate when the cashier knows a coupon won`t go through & ignores the fact of telling me.

With all that being said, here`s my view on rude customers from being a cashiers prospective.

  • Please don`t completely ignore me when I great you. You don`t have to hold a full out conversation, but don`t act like I`m not there. It would annoy you if I did the same to you.
  • Please do not use your cell phone at the counter. I understand you may have an important call, but excuse yourself (unless it`s an emergency it`s understandable). We hate having to repeat ourselves like 5 times because you were too busy on your phone call to pay attention to your transaction.In fact, it`s not even so bad if you`re on it as long as you still have some sort of interaction with us so we know you`re not ignoring us. Again, it`s just rude.
  • Don`t throw your money at us. We don`t throw your change at you, so why throw it at us? I know some people have disabilities where they`re unable to hand money/items to people so this isn`t towards you. But if I have my hand out, why completely ignore that and put the money & change on the counter? It will not make me move faster. In fact, it only makes me want to move slower (unless I can tell you`re elderly or have some sort of disability).
  • Please do not just grab the receipt paper. It`s annoying. We WILL give it to you. Personally I like to give you your receipt with the change rather than separately. Some transactions will cause other paper work to also print out (on our machines at least) you grabbing that receipt can mess up my paper work which I cannot reprint. This may not seem like a big deal to you, but if it messes up my paper work at the end of my shift then it`s a very big deal to me.
  • If you see I have a long line, please do not have my other customers wait while you casually take your time to go shopping for more items. I can always ring you up again for you to get the sale. But my other customers are getting frustrated and waiting for you. I`m not talking about those of you who hurry to grab and go. I`m talking about those who actually have me ring them up, then have more items they want to shop for. I cannot magically "hold" your place and ring others up while keeping your transaction on hold. So please have some curtsy.
Please feel free to share your tips, advice or your experiences!
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