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As the Official Sponsor of Sightseeing™ Transitions lenses help you see the world the way it’s meant to be seen. By continually adapting to changing lighting conditions, Transitions lenses enhance your everyday moments so your experiences are more vivid, more vibrant, more true. The two things I really love to do, other than blogging on here with you all of course, is taking photos as well as traveling. If you combine those to categories together then you would have me in heaven! There are many sights that I have seen that I love, but what better than sharing about my own hometown of New Orleans?! All photos used in this post are ones I took myself and edited on my own as well just to show you how my city looks through my eyes.
The very first photo displayed in this post is of the Crescent City Connection toll bridge. If you want to be a bit more exact this image shows going from the East Bank to the West Bank around sunset hours. What a gorgeous sight to see and a great angle for a photo for photography lovers such as myself! The bridge itself plays a huge role in the city as far as traveling goes. It`s the bridge that connects us to the I-10 and generally a quicker route to take to various destinations whether around the city or to leave the city. Not to mention that this bridge did survive Hurricane Katrina back in August of 2005.

The next picture I would like to share is one of the side streets around the French Quarter in New Orleans. The French Quarter is the most popular tourist attraction in New Orleans. Of course the locals go to the Quarter (as we call it) from time to time, others on a regular basis, but growing up around it just makes it less exciting of an attraction. Basically my take on it is it`s fun to go shopping for unique gifts, but it`s always over priced. Plus there is some good entertainment around there, but again things are costly and it`s known to be a less than safe area of town. So if it`s not so great why do I even share it? Because it`s still home. I`m sure many people can relate to that statement with other aspects of their life. There`s no place like home, but for me I enjoy getting the photos. Again I remind you that I love taking photos everywhere I go. In fact, I felt lost at my own wedding not having my own camera in hand! Pretty crazy right?

Finally, my last cherished sight of my hometown I want to share with you is probably not one you would have expected: Tastee Donuts! While in the midst of sharing landmarks for great photographs I had to throw in the local donut shop. I don`t care how popular Krispy Kreme is nothing beats Tastee`s! I grew up eating donuts there and have plenty of great childhood memories of my dad bringing me there. How else do you think I got hooked on the chocolate with sprinkles donut? Thanks Tastee! I`m not a 100% sure, but I`m pretty sure there aren`t many Tastee`s out there, at least from what I`ve seen, so I`m considering this one a local favorite!
While this was a fun post to share and I had a few opportunities to be silly, in all seriousness there are plenty of beautiful and unique sights to see in the city of New Orleans. All of this I could not enjoy if it weren`t for the use of contact lenses. I used to have perfect or almost perfect vision growing up. While I was pregnant with Sophia I started noticing changes in my vision, which I blew off as part of the pregnancy. Once Sophia was born the vision only slowly got worse which resulted in having to get glasses. Going 20 years without glasses and all of a sudden needing them was a big change for me. Glasses irritated my face and I just could envision poking my finger in my eye every day to see. Since the eyeglasses weren`t working out so great for me comfort wise I talked to my eye care doctor and we decided to let me give contacts a try. Was that a rough road for me to get used to as well, but I loved the benefits of being able to see again with out the aggravation of the glasses! I have been wearing the contacts ever since -- keeping an up to date pair of eyeglasses for the days I need to let my eyes rest. I couldn`t tell you how grateful I am to have the technology to be able to see all the beautiful sights around my home as well as around the world!
What are some of the things that my family does to keep our eyes healthy? The first thing is to make sure we all go on a yearly visit to our local eye doctor. We do this just to make sure no changes were made in our vision and if there were we can get the error fixed. It`s also good to get your eyes checked because you never know when something could be going on within your eye that you yourself is unaware of, which the doctor may be able to see. Since I wear contacts my next suggestion is to take your contacts out and clean them in their solution on a regular basis. Even if you`re not outside or in the dirt, dust particles and who knows what else could find it`s way into your eye. First it would make contact with the contact which would eventually get into your eye and infect it. I have had that happen before and it is no fun and very uncomfortable. Lastly, always wear sun glasses when you are out on a sunny day. I wear mine especially when driving. I didn`t realize until I was older that not wearing them while driving could actually be more harmful to your eyes -- so I now make a point to wear them any time I`m out on the road. If you don`t like contacts, Transitions Lenses has you covered with lenses that automatically adapt to sunlight.
Healthy vision is very important to us. I`m not sure how we would learn to cope with every day living if we let our vision go. There are so many things I would miss being able to see. I would miss watching the sun sets and landscapes, but most of all I would miss seeing my daughters smile and crazy facial expressions if my vision were lost. One thing I would love to see before I get too old and can`t see is Europe. There`s so many beautiful pictures I see around there on TV or online, but to be able to see that experience in person with the family would just be amazing! I think that`s enough reason to keep my vision healthy if nothing else!    

I wrote this blog post while participating in the SocialMoms and Transitions® lenses blogging program, to earn My SocialMoms Rewards Points. The opinions and ideas expressed here are my own.
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