Hey everyone. I just wanted to give the newest update with my sister. If you're not familiar, you can read her story from the beginning here:


Lately there's been a lot of traveling back and forth between New Orleans and Texas Childrens hospital between appointments, paper work, etc. My sister recently had another appointment and unfortunately had to miss out on Halloween events, but on a positive note it seems it was for the best. Amy does get to keep in contact with those kids who have visited her. They recently had a class send a bunch of get well cards to her so before their latest appointment they were working on getting some little cards back. Also, the church who was sponsoring the kids doing the visits actually met up with my mom and are talking about still finding away to get involvement with Amy. So that's definitely some great news to hear.


I just received this email update from my mom who is still in the hospital with my sister in Texas.


Amy was admitted at Texas Children Medical Center on Monday, October 29th for Video EEG Monitoring and Nuclear Brain Scan.  Amy did very well and had one to two seizures every day, except Thursday.  This morning her had a seizure around 9:00 am or so when the hospital staff was re-attaching some EEG wires.  She was brought down for the nuclear brain scan around 9:30am and back up to the room around 11:00am and is still sleeping.  The good news is everything has been captured and recorded on video and EEG.  Now we have confirmed documentation of her complex partial seizure that start on the left lobe and cross over to the right side of the brain.  They also captured focal slowing of the brain on both sides as also spikes from both sides of the brain.  The neurology will get together at their neurology converse to talk about Amy case and see what will be best for her.  She will be on two medications for seizures for now.  Amy also needs to be on a high protein diet until she gains some weight back.


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