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Doughnut Inn in Monroe, Connecticut fox news  
Okay, I don`t know how many of you heard of this news story, but it`s quite popular. I never normally post "news" articles on here unless it`s seriously important or something since this isn`t that sort of place to write news, but as a parent this just rubs me the wrong way and want to pass it along to anyone who hasn`t heard of it because I personally could NEVER do business with such a pathetic place and I want to hear your thoughts.   
So here`s what I`m talking about (news link here). A FOUR (yes 4) year old boy and his mother were in line to get some donuts from Doughnut Inn in Monroe, Connecticut. The four year old, like most kids I know, asks a LOT of questions, has a lot to say, etc. Another lady in line he turned and asked her if "she had a baby in her belly". The mom, like most moms, got thoroughly embarrassed, apologized to the lady and the lady brushed it off and said she`s used to it because of the kids at a day care or nursery ask her that same question all the time. As in, she understands how kids are, no big deal. Yes, it`s a rude question that you shouldn`t ask someone, BUT kids are kids and aren`t very generous when it comes to being honest; at least not when they`re young. They have questions and they have a lot of odd answers as well. Anyway, so nothing bad happened - just another one of those "omg mommy moments" or so it seemed.   
The next day the mom and boy went back to the same donut shop only to be told they were not allowed in there because the FOUR year old is rude. WHAT?! So there was no fight, no trouble caused, but yet they`re banned for him acting like a regular child?! It`s a lesson learned to be careful what you say of course, but to that extreme? Particularly when nobody was purposely being mean and nobody was upset that was involved? While it`s their business and they have the right to choose who they do their business with, I can say this. If all businesses banned parents with children who ask questions that aren`t always so pleasant most if not all businesses would be shut down then! I mean kids ask questions to learn. They also need to learn what questions are appropriate and which ones aren`t.  
I remember potty training my daughter and of course always clapping and making a big deal about her going on the potty. Well we were in the store and I had to use the public restroom, did my business and she starts saying "yay good job mommy!" all loud in the bathroom! Another one was when she was in a Head Start program - she was the only Caucasian child in her classroom. It didn`t bother us as she had a fantastic teacher. She was teaching the students about being black, white and Hispanic (for the Hispanic boy in her class). So she would of course repeat "he`s black, she`s white, etc" when we`re out; even practicing the terms Caucasian and African American. Luckily she only did it in public while waiting in a store once, but if that store had been like how this business was and heard her, well by their standards we`d be banned. They learn what`s okay and what`s not okay to say in public. Sorry for the long rant - but what`s your thoughts on the story? I`m just still in shock over it!  

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