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I used to enjoy Picmonkey. I had a FREE ACCOUNT. NOT a free trial, but just sign up and a free account several years back. I used the free access a couple times, but never enough to make it worth paying for or upgrading my account. Because it was a free service, I even shared being able to use them for free several times on here thinking nothing of it. Those posts have, of course, since been removed. You will also notice, I am not even adding a direct link to their site because I refuse to promote such an unethical company.
Fast forward, I was looking at my credit card account for whatever odd reason when I noticed a charge from Picmonkey -  I never authorized this charge nor was I ever even notified of it. Then, looking at my Picmonkey freebie account, I saw they started billing me in January of 2018! That's right, Picmonkey charged my credit card TWICE so far without my authorization totalling $143.76 (so charging me $71.88 for each transaction) and never even notified me they were going to charge it! They apparently started charging me January 21st, 2018 and then again they charged me on January 21, 2019. I never even had notice of any sort! I never agreed to a to an upgrade on my free account nor was I even notified my account had been upgraded! I rarely ever used the free account so why would I have wanted to pay to 'upgrade'?! I would have never known if I hadn't logged in to check my credit card as I periodically do.
Upon this discovery, I contacted the customer service where the response time was slow. I ultimately had to file a complaint through the Better Business Bureau and file a dispute for unauthorized charges through my credit card company. Picmonkey responded, however, they refuse to refund me from 2018 stating it has been too long and continue to insist I signed up for a free trial, when I know in fact, I did not. I had free access long before 2018 so why suddenly would I have decided to upgrade when I wasn't that impressed with their site? Besides, Canva is a MUCH better option and is totally free (unless you want to upgrade).
These were the B.S. responses from Picmonkey despite me telling them over and over I did not authorize the charges, I did not authorize the use of my card, I did not upgrade my account, and I did not sign up for a 'free trial' as when I signed up originally it was a free account. Not a trial offer.
So I wanted to warn others to BE AWARE of Picmonkey. In my case, they upgraded my account without my consent or authorization. I have seen others say the same thing. I have also seen others who did, in fact, take advantage of their free trial offer to only be scammed into paying for a service and were never notified they were going to be charged as the agreement had stated.  From my experience, Picmonkey is an unethical and dishonest company and I suggest staying away from them. It wouldn't have been so terrible if they could have just apologized and refunded the money they stole, but then again, that's why I consider them scammers. They take what they can, hope you don't notice, then claim it's too late. There are much better free options available. Don't bother with this place. Besides, people are complaining (paying customers) that they have issues rather consistently with the site.

Have you had problems with Picmonkey? This is what you can do. 

#1 - File a complaint with the BBB - Complain about PicMonkey to the BBB here.
While not much can be done, this will negatively impact their business. 
#2 - File a dispute with your bank
This is your best option to quickly resolve the unauthorized charges from this dishonest company
#3 - Leave a review about Picmonkey anywhere you can.
A quick google search will show you a list of places you can review Picmonkey at, but here are some to help you get started:
#4 - Share your experience on Social Media
Again, won't do much, but with social media being big, comment on their social media pages as well as your own. You can find Picmonkey here:
*Note: There's a good chance Picmonkey will delete any negative comments as they are known to do as well
#5 - Seek Legal Council 
Every case is different and I am not a lawyer. However, if Picmonkey (or any company) has been taking money from you without your consent or knowledge and is refusing to apply it back to your card, get legal advice as far as legal action that can be taken to get your money back. 

Have you had a bad experience with Picmonkey in any way? Share your story below!

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9 months ago
I noticed these same issues with them as well!
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