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UPS DriverDamages Mailbox.png
I am finally at my wits end with UPS. on August 3rd, 2018 at 3:20pm Central time, A UPS driver delivering a package to my house HIT and damaged my mailbox! As you can see, the driver bumps the mailbox then gets out his truck, fixes the mirror, adjusts the mailbox and leaves without notice. We were home at the time. It doesn't look like much from our video since it's not the highest quality surveillance system, but when we went to get the actual mail the 'door' of the mailbox was broken off and just hanging on 'by a thread' so to speak. Also, the mailbox itself became very wobbly and unstable off the post. So he balanced it back in place! By the time we noticed the mailbox and such on August 3rd, the UPS center was closed for the day. We tried calling anyway, but of course no answer. So we attempted to contact UPS on August 4th, a Saturday and were told we would get a callback, which we did. We were told to email a copy of the video to him (the manager) and allow a week for them to 'investigate' and get back to us. 
That week came and went with no callback and no follow up. We ended up filing a police report for a hit and run for documentation and from that point, I began contacting UPS on a regular basis through Facebook and Twitter and have been getting nothing but the runaround. I have been told on multiple occasions that they escalated my complaint and I would hear something back on X date (usually 1 or 2 days depending on the rep I spoke to). That day would come and low and behold, no call was ever made to follow up. It's been the same cycle or bull and lies with no results. The only follow up I get is when I press on through social media. Heck, they even blatantly lied on one of the messages saying that someone spoke to us - yet we never even received a call, let alone spoke to someone!
It is absolutely ridiculous that UPS is giving us such a hard time to replace property they damaged when we caught the act on video. All this for a $34 (plus tax) mailbox! We have been asking for this to get replaced since the incident happen and we're about to hit the 2-month mark of no results. I have messaged upon messages on Facebook and Twitter with all their false promises.  We just want our mailbox replaced so we can stop using the one they broke that we had to 'jimmy rig' to work properly. I'm guessing this is the normal standard because upon a little research I see UPS has a history of damaging peoples property and not fixing/replacing it. UPS even had the nerve to tell me to file a claim with my insurance company. Why would I file a claim with MY insurance when UPS was the cause of the damage?! 
Here's our video evidence of the UPS driver hitting the mailbox and actually going over there and fixing the mailbox to balance on the post (no, the driver did not notify us of the damage, just hit it, tossed the package, and left - yes, the other camera caught the driver litterally dropping the box on the ground, which was heavy, rather than placing it as my normal drivers would do):
So shoppers BEWARE! If you can use any other shipping service, do it. Avoid UPS if it's an option! Before this incident, I had never had any issues with UPS. Now, because of this incident (with a driver who wasn't one of my regulars might I add), I lost total trust in UPS. Not because of what happened, but by how it has been handled. The dishonesty of the customer service and their lack of initiative to repair the damage they did is simply offputting and unethical business behavior on their part. So BEWARE OF UPS & THE WAY THEY TREAT THEIR CUSTOMERS because from what I'm seeing, they honestly don't care.
**UPDATE 9/18/2018 4:33pm***
Shortly after this post went live, I received this message response from UPS:
UPS Twitter Claim Denial Response.png
Let me clarify, while yes, I have received a couple of UPS packages since the incident, never did any employee come to my house and actually knock/ring the bell and wait to discuss anything. There was no notice left. There was no phone call made to even state they had been to my house as they claim in the statement. Let me share the photo of my mail box below of how my mailbox was left by UPS:
The door was barely on and the whole box was barely on the post. It was balanced. My husband had to go rig it up himself to get the door on and for it to be tightened on the post to receive mail. So I am awaiting UPS to give the supposed date and time that someone came out as I am home 99.9% of the time. We have cameras we can check to validate this. However, this is showing right here, right now, how dishonest and under-handed UPS is. They will damage your property then LIE. We have proof from the video to the actual photo of how we found our box. However, UPS is an unethical company who doesn't want to take responsibility.
UPS Twitter Claim Denial Response2.png
**UPDATE 9/18/2018** 5:15pm
UPS is claiming that the date they came out was August 6th. We were not able to get in touch with the local manager until August 6th in the afternoon. At that point and time, the local manager requested we send the video evidence we had of what happened. We sent it. That's when were given the time period of a week for a follow up which never came. I have messages showing this has been under investigation supposedly, so if someone came out on the date claimed, why were we never notified? Now, suddenly, because I'm getting very pushy about this issue of UPS damaging my property, do they want to pretend they came out and did something. Yet I still want an explanation why all of these other times I have proof of them saying it was still being escalated this that and the other? Sounds like a game of lies to me... 
Just so you can see how this doesn't sound right; here's my conversation with UPS on Facebook:
UPS FB Chat Conv 2018 (2).png
UPS FB Chat Conv 2018 (3).png
UPS FB Chat Conv 2018 (4).png
UPS FB Chat Conv 2018 (5).png
UPS FB Chat Conv 2018 (6).png
UPS FB Chat Conv 2018 (7).png
Obviously I'm being less than pleasant. UPS hit and ran on my mailbox, damaged it, continues to give me the run around and lie. Of course I am not being very 'lady like' at this point, but the point is, UPS is showing unethical business practices and this is NOT okay! They do this to too many people! 
Now this is the twitter conversation:
UPS Twitter Conv 2018 (1).png
UPS Twitter Conv 2018 (2).png
UPS Twitter Conv 2018 (3).png
UPS Twitter Conv 2018 (4).png
UPS Twitter Conv 2018 (5).png
UPS Twitter Conv 2018 (6).png
UPS Twitter Conv 2018 (7).png
UPS Twitter Conv 2018 (8).png
Twitter Response 523pm 9182018.png
What does all this prove? Well, supposedly they were out here August 6th, yet I continued to get told the same thing. Nobody followed up. Nobody came out. We checked the camera when were initially told someone came out as well as double checked the phone to ensure no calls were even missed. Yes, I am pissed. I hate being lied to; especially by a big unethical company like UPS. 
UPS comment on CFS Page 9182018.png
***UPDATE 9/18/2018 7:37pm***
WOW! Did UPS really go to MY page, on MY post, and comment to tell me to STOP?!?! WOW, WOW, WOW!! No shot! You guys went on my page. I will not stop letting others know about your unethical ways and lies! This isn't even a fight just for myself, but for everyone else they have done this and similar things to. This shouldn't have been a big deal. It should have been a quick fix, however, UPS is being a dirty, underhanded, dishonest company -- and I am calling them out on it.
UPS Tweet_755_9182018.png
***UPDATE 9/18/2018 8:05pm***
So now UPS is offering a one time credit of $25... I'm grateful for some progress, but as I told them, that doesn't cover the full cost of the new box. The box does not fully close now because of the driver hitting it. It closed just fine prior to it being hit. Why is it such a headache to just replace what they damaged?! They claim what I have shown is not proof, yet the video shows what happened and the image is pretty clear of what they did. We just want the cost so we can go and replace the box they damaged!! Just why, UPS, do you not care about your customers and providing such poor customer care?! Just replace the box. I sent a link. Go buy it outright and deliver it to me rather than the cash. Honestly, that would be even better! 
UPS Tweet_757_9182018.png
***UPDATE 9/18/2018 9:18pm***
UPS has continued their run around games and commenting on MY post proving to be less than helpful.... all over a $35 mailbox... this could have been a headache avoided for all, yet UPS is showing their true colors. I am reporting to every outlet I can, including news media. The fact that UPS keeps getting away with damaging property and not replacing or fixing it is beyond me, but is not right. I mean, if you went to your neighbors house, bashed their window in, could you just tell them you're not paying for it and get away with it? No. So why should UPS be allowed this privelege? Because they're a big corporation? $35 could have been taken from the drivers pay check since I have proof and all issues would be resolved, however, UPS simply does not care.
UPS Facebook Response Sept 18 837PM_pt2.png
UPS Facebook Response Sept 18 837PM_pt3.png
***UPDATE 9/19/2018 8:02am***
There has not been any response from UPS on Twitter since my last update. They had no problems responding on my own Facebook post telling me to stop repeatedly posting to their page (which I wasn't posting on their page at that point. They were being tagged as I shared to local new stations and such). So the fact they wanted to 'continue to work with me on twitter' yet was not actually doing so just goes to show they're all talk but no action. They could never even provide an exact time that supposedly the local manager came to my home. Just that it was in the evening before he left for vacation. Sounds like a load of B.S.? Well, that's because it is. Way to go UPS for showing how dishonest you truly are... fighting to replace a $35 mailbox that your driver damaged! Will keep everyone posted...
UPS claims they did not damage 919 815am.png
...Wow... no point of an official update tag since they literally responded to my tweet right after....  I still don't understand how an investigation can be done, though, without a followup or actually coming to my house to 'investigate'. If at that time you didn't see any damage, wouldn't it make sense to say "HEY! We don't see anything!" to give us a chance to show you where we rigged the mailbox and how it no longer closes properly because of your driver?! Oh yea, I forgot UPS lies and does no investigation - just deny claims and avoids fixing the damage they cause.
Police Report.jpg
So just for proof... here's the police report that was done on August 6th, the day UPS is claiming they came out. UPS claims there was no reported damage so why would the police be willing to actually do a report that day for us? Clearly they saw damage otherwise they wouldn't waste their time. 
UPS responds to police report.png
***UPDATE 9/19/2018 9:04am***
Maybe there's hope now that I've produced a police report... which was taken the same day they are claiming someone came out...  such a terrible way to run a business. I mean I could understand having no proof, but I have video, I have photos, AND a police report, yet this is somehow still a big battle... over a $35 mailbox. I mean this could have been taken care of within a week.
ups commenting on FB despite not responding (1).png
***UPDATE 9/19/2018 9:30am***
UPS sure has some nerves going to my post on my page to comment making it sound as if I'm commenting on their page and not replying to them when in fact I replied immediately upon getting their notice and 18 minutes had passed since my response and and as of this moment, they still have yet to respond on Twitter. So just to clear any confusion up, I have been replying in a timely manner where UPS is the one playing games.
ups commenting on FB despite not responding (2).png
***UPDATE 9/19/2018 3pm***
So not too long after filing a report with the BBB we received a phone call from the corporate office who is now looking to supervise and handle the case. She seemed like she is interested in actually getting this resolved and promised a call back in the next day or so. Her response was only due to being notified by the BBB of the situation. So crossing our fingers and will continue to update. If not, we had also reached out to our state attorney general and will file an official complaint through them if this is not resolved... again, over a $35 mailbox that should have just been a quick fix/replacement solution when it happened.... You think they will throw in a bottle of Excedrin after all this?!
Oh yea, still no response from them on Twitter. (Just stating the fact since they had made it sound like I wasn't responding). 
***UPDATE 9/19/2018 5:53pm***
So the local UPS manager called and was STILL trying to argue about the mailbox, but ultimately said supposedly they will be getting one and replacing it for us. We will see what happens. The local branch manager was going by what the driver said (the driver the manager initially said they were going to fire when we originally called), which the driver stated he went no where near my box with his truck and he was only putting the door up to be nice. NOT true. The video clearly shows everything.... if you zoom in you can see the door was not even open when the UPS truck arrived. Plus the driver had to go adjust his mirror then adjust my mailbox. The manager is still holding on to his statement about coming out on August 6th... at what time nobody seems to be able to clarify since we didn't get a confirmation that they would come check until that afternoon - well after we had the police report and had the box jerry rigged. I just don't understand why this manager has to be so dishonest and not simply apologize and rectify the situation. He was trying to claim that the truck MIRROR would have destroyed my mailbox. Seriously dude?!? I didn't say it was run over, I said it was hit and damaged. Just be an ethical company and own up to what happened. Stop the games. So will keep you all posted on if they will actually replace it or not. Will also be keeping in touch with corporate to let her know how this was handled and how poorly the manager is treating us during this process.
***UPDATE 9/20/2018 7:30pm***
This is the FINAL update as UPS finally followed through and delivered a replacement mailbox as we have been requesting since this all happened. So we are satisfied this has finally been resolved. Thank you to everyone who shared the story and responded.
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