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Our Gourmia GTA2800 WiFi Air Fryer has become our microwave and chip pan in one. We cook a lot of our food in there because it is just so much more healthy and better for you than conventional cooking methods. Just using this one bit can easily slice thousands of calories off your weekly diet giving you the ultimate weight loss option. Just imagine if you used this instead and didn’t follow a diet and what you could actually achieve! Many people have asked us what else we can make in the air fryer and how convenient it really is. So as part of our Air Fryer series we have put together our best meals and snacks thanks to our new best friend.

Top 10 Air Fryer Meals And Snacks In The Airfryer

1. Croutons

We love some croutons but finding wholemeal ones can be a bit of a pain and quite expensive so to make them in the Air Fryer get some medium wholemeal bread two squirts of fat free spray stick it in for 5 minutes on 180 degrees and wait. When it is done chop it into small squares and it will be perfect with some homemade soup or on top of a chicken salad.

2. Fried Bread

If you like your fried but what it healthy and syn free on Slimming World there is a way…. You can either use 1 tablespoon of olive oil over 2 slices for a healthy extra or use fat free spray and then cook it in the Air Fryer for 5 minutes on 200 and when it has pinged it is done and you have diet but tasty, extremely crispy fried bread.

3. Bacon For Bacon Butties

Now if you cut the fat of the bacon and the rest is pretty lean you will find it really is not bad for you, (and syn free) so we decided to give it a try in the Air Fryer and with any fat dropping down to the bottom of the pan the bacon is not swimming in it. I put 4 slices of bacon on 200 for 8 minutes, again it depends how you like it, I like mine just cooked. Then out it comes smelling great and tasting even better. You can also follow the same rule for bacon bits for on chicken salads or on top of roast potatoes.

4. Burgers

We like to make our own burgers so we know what meat is actually init!! And we wont have to worry that it has come out of a horse or whatever the next scandal happens to be! We use lean minced pork and beef mixture for our burgers. And they are very popular at the moment and give a much better flavour for burgers. I cook 3 at a time and depends how you like them but with us using pork as well you have make sure they are cooked. I cook 3 medium burgers for about 15 minutes 180 degrees. They come out cooked evenly and tasting beautiful. And when you add a nice wholemeal roll, a slice of tomato they are even better!

5. Chips

I thought I would never be able to substitute my favorite bag of chips and oven chips can be pretty grim. But in the Air Fryer if you cut your chips pretty thick and cook them for about 25 minutes with a table spoon of olive oil I kid you not that the chips taste the same if not better than the chip shop chips and with at least 80% less calories. However if you want to go even lower on the calories then swap the olive oil for fat free spray and you have amazing syn free chips. And if you wanted you could eat them all day, everyday and still lose weight on Slimming World.

6. Chicken Wings

When we have a barbeque in the summer I can never be sure if the chicken wings are going to be fully cooked inside. So this year I put 3 chicken wings in the Air Fryer on some tin foil as we have ours with a bit of garlic and some nice seasoning. 10 minutes later on 200 degrees they were perfect and cooked through. They are a great alternative for showing you what the Air Fryer can actually do for you and aren’t just there for making chips!

7. Sautéed Potatoes

I tested some in the Air Fryer with a table spoon of olive oil and for 25 minutes on 200 degrees I continually shook the basket every 5 minutes to keep them turning so all the potatoes would be cooked. Still a little naughty but with just one tablespoon of olive oil its much better than what we used to have!

8. Roast Potatoes

We had trouble at first with the Air Fryer when we were cooking large objects. As they would never be cooked evenly and then we would just give up on them! Though roast potatoes is one of our favorite foods and we had to get away from all the butter and oil we used to put on them. So we tried again. And we found the best way for success is to steam the peeled potatoes in the food steamer until just soft. Then gently put them in the Air Fryer on 200 degrees for about 15 minutes to give them a crispy skin. And now we cook them with just one tablespoon of olive oil, a little fat free spray and put some salt on them before they go in should help with the crisping.

9. Fish

We love our steamed fish but we wanted to see if it was practical to try and fry it in the Air Fryer. The answer is a big fat YES! We only have small portions thanks to our eating plan but 8 minutes on 180 and our two pieces of salmon were done and not too dry. Lovely they were! And you could do the same with fish with breadcrumbs as an alternative to fish and chips.

10. Leftover Foods

We are the king and queen of using up our leftover foods and saving money so number #10 had to be about leftover meals. We use it for re-heating leftover chicken like drumsticks and wings. Also, we have our own ready meals created when we have cooked previously such as low calorie lasagna and we simply stick it in the Air Fryer. So over all it is a very versatile machine which is can be very practical but also you can have some of your favorite foods but it will save you on your daily calorie count so then you can have a bit of treat if you want and not feel guilty. buy now

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